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Intro funeral services 9-10

the undertaker would use a cooling board to place the body on to be embalmed.
the number of plumes on the hearse indicated the status of the deceased.
what was the color that hearses were available in during wwi besides black?
gray. fine lines of silver and gold
what color hearse was used for a childs funeral after the civil war?
when did limousine hearses first appear?
1909 during WWI
what were the two prominent citiesthat used trolley cars to take families and caskets to funeral gates?
Chicago and cleveland- trolleys used as late as the 1920s
which company featured his funeral car at the new orleans cotton exxpo in 1884?
james cunnigham co.
styles in hearses changed every how many years?
every 15 years
what was the first major cemetary to be built outside a major city?
mt. alburn outside boston, mass 1831
what cemetary was built in pennsylvania?
laurel hill
when did they begin to pass laws for licensing of undertakers?
1895 department of vital statistics
of all processions there is one that is the oldest , what is that procession?
funeral procession
what is the latin word from which funeral is derived?
what does funeralis literally mean?
torchlight procession
historically the first hearses in churches were stationary in nature.
at the chicago worlds fair in 1893 the most elaborate and outstanding funeral car weighing 2400 lbs was exhibted by which company?
crane and breed
ultimately that elaborate hearse was sold to mr bonnot of new orleans for $5000 and shipped to a foreign for state funerals. what country was that?
what was the year that the first automobile drove through the streets of detroit?
what type of chassis's was first used for hearses?
automobile chassis
in the early 1900's, did the demand for the motorized hearses come from the larger cities or the medium cities?
medium cities the larger cities had a large livery and horse drawn hearses and didnt want to have to purchase more equipment
what did the cooling board become?
embaliming table
what was the usual charge for embalming in the 1880's?
ten dollars
what was a door crape?
a badge to cover the front door and door bell
where does the french word hearse originate?
latin hirpex which means rake or harrow
what was t name for the bearers who relieved the older more prominent bearers?
under bearers
what was the first instance of a hearse on wheels?
burial of col. rainsborowe 1648
what company made a white childs hearse after the civil war?
stein patent burial casket works
shortly after 1884 the word hearse was replaced with what name?
funeral car
what city had horse drawn carriage hearse long after the country went to motorized equipment?
new york
who created a motorized hearse in new york in 1980?
fred hulberg
how much did the first auto funeral hearses cost?
$4000-6000 and would only last for a period of three years
when did the elaborate in auto hearses reached a peak statue of gabriel blowing his horn?
the side servicing feature came about in hearses in what year?
a repainting service was offered in the purchase of a new hearse every 6 months over a stipulted period of time?
the flower car was used principally in the ;arger cities?
the definition of a funeral director defines him as a person skilled in the management of the funeral procession?
before the turn of the century most funerals were held where?
home of the deceased
when did the stein casket co. publish a catalog of caskets?
etiqutte of the funeral refers to?
sending out invitations to friend of he deceased
the prevailing mood at funeral in the 1880's was of gloom and doom.
before the 19th century, widows could not wear ordinary clothes for how long?
2 yrs
how much time was considered deep mourning?
first six months
what was the name of he artificial, dried or prepared natural flowers 50% cheaper called?
what was the rural cemetary act in 1847?
provided the founding of cemetary associations and granting certain privileges over the life of the cemetary
who was the first recorded grave digger in 1836?
henry gherkin
what was the name of chicago cemetary that was devoted to israelites?
greenwood cemetary
what were the early funeral directors 1875-1900 called?
furnishing undertakers
company featured funeral car at the new orleans cotton exposition in 1884.
james cunnningham
1889 special eight poster oval decked funeral car, with 6 clomns ordered by james lowrie and sons of allerghmy, PA sounded the warning bell for the new style. 1889 all funeral directors had8column oval decked funeral car
hudson samson
exhibted the most elaborte and outstanding funeral caring the 19th century
crane and breed
patent 8 innovations for a new improved combned hearse and passenger vehicle. created a motorized hearse in new york in 1905 out of all processions are the oldest.
fred hulberg
what was the family reaction and behavior towards death during the late 19th century?
shattering of human and resulting confusions
what was the mood like during the funeral?
stiff family overlayed heavily with gloom
who initially took care of the dead?
the woman of the home usually closed the eyes and straightened the limbs
how were the rural families funeral arrangements taken care of?
family and friends accepted responsibilities the men decided what plans should be followed for the funeral or burial
how were the rural families funerals arrangements taken care of?
family and friends accepted responsibilities, the men decided what plans should be followed for the funeral or burial.
what was the influence of embalming?
sanitation, preservation, duration, reliability, simplicity
what were the responsibilities of a late 19th century funeral director?
to play a smaller part in the funeralization of the dead.