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Any method of learning about the natural world that follows the scientific method.


the scientific study of life

Hypothesis-driven science

the process of scientific inquiry that uses the steps of the scientific method to answer questions about nature

Deductive reasoning (hypothesis)

determining a general statement from several facts


A tentative explanation that a scientist proposes for a specific phenomenon that has been observed


A test under controlled conditions that are made to demonstrate a known truth, examine the validity of a hypothesis, or determine the efficacy of something previously untried.


A component of the process of science whereby a scientist carries out two parallel tests, an experimental test and a control by one factor, the variable


a widely accepted explanatory idea that is broad in


All the organisms in a given area, along with the nonliving (Abiotic) factors with which they interact; a biological community and its physical environment


An assemblage of all the organisms living together and potentially interacting in a particular environment


A group of interacting individuals belonging to one species and living in the same geographic area.


an individual living thing

organ system

A group of organs that work


A structure consisting of several tissues adapted as a group to perform specific functions


An integrated group of similar cells that perform a specific function within a multicellular organism


A basic unit of living matter separated from its environment by a plasma membrane

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