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Stamp Act

1765: First direct tax levied by the Crown on the American Colonies.

Jamestown, Virginia

1607: First permanent English settlement in North America. Led by Smith.

American Revolutionary War

1775-81: Original 13 colonies @ war with UK over independence


Key author of the US Declaration of Independence

Bill of Rights

1791: First 10 amendments to the constitution.

"Gilded Age"

1870-80's: Nat'l politics, corruption, spoils system, immense capitalist wealth. Coined by Mark Twian

Manifest Destiny

1840-50's: O'Sullivan's thesis. Justified expansion from "sea to sea" on eco., racial, & spiritual basis.

William Byrd

1540-1623: "The History of the Dividing Line" (describes the early US frontier). Composer also.

Nat Turner

1831: Slave and insurrectionist rebellion (Virginia) leader. Captured & executed.

Missouri Compromise

1820: Pact between pro & anti-slavery factions in the US re: the extension of slavery into new territories

Virginia Dare

1587-?: 1st child of UK parents born in US. Part of "Lost Colony of Roanoke Island"


1865-77: Confederate states reorganized & reintegrated into the Union

Roger Williams

1603-83: Founded RI ('63) to separate Church and State. Kicked out of Mass. colony by puritans.

William Penn

1644-1718: Englishman and Quaker who founded the colony of Pennsylvania

John Winthrop

1588-1649: Governor. Key in forming Mass's govt. and shaping its legislative policy. Founded Boston.

Brigham Young

1846: Leads Mormons to Utah & b/c gov. in 1850. Washington sent a federal army in 1857 against them.

Lost Colony of Roanoke Island

Sir Walter Raleigh hired John White to lead a group of settlers there that included woman and children. White sailed back to England to get supplies, but a war with Spain prevented him from returning for three years. When a rescue crew eventually arrived, the only thing they found was the word "Croatoan" carved into a tree. Four hundred years later, no one knows exactly what happened to the colony. All that is known is that the Croatoan Indians lived in the region. That is the only clue.

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