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  1. engima
  2. mollify
  3. placate
  4. innocuous
  5. prodigal
  1. a a puzzle; a mystery
  2. b lavish, wasteful
  3. c to soothe or pacify
  4. d harmless
  5. e to calm or make less severe

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  1. to annoy or provoke to anger
  2. using few words
  3. a contradiction or dilemma
  4. to leave secretly
  5. to use expressions of double meaning in order to mislead

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  1. prevaricateto lie or deviate from the truth


  2. opaqueimpossible to see through; preventing the passage of light


  3. malingerto satisfy fully or overindulge


  4. malleablecapable of being shaped


  5. eclecticselecting from or made up from a variety of sources


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