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  1. corroborate
  2. pristine
  3. archaic
  4. austere
  5. taciturn
  1. a silent, not talkative
  2. b to provide supporting evidence
  3. c ancient, old-fashioned
  4. d fresh and clean; uncorrupted
  5. e severe or stern in appearance, undecorated

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  1. to reject the validity of
  2. correct behavior; obedience to rules and customs
  3. to overwhelm; to cover with water
  4. a firmly held opinion, often a religious belief
  5. to set right; to free from error

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  1. intransigenttemporary, lasting a brief time


  2. gregariousdeceptively attractive; seemingly plausible but fallacious


  3. fawnto grovel


  4. desultoryappropriateness of behavior or conduct; propriety


  5. chicanerydeception by means of craft or guile