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  1. engender
  2. paradox
  3. taciturn
  4. dissonance
  5. banal
  1. a to produce, cause, or bring about
  2. b a harsh and disagreeable combination, often of sounds
  3. c predictable, clichéd, boring
  4. d a contradiction or dilemma
  5. e silent, not talkative

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  1. to conciliate; to appease
  2. to lie or deviate from the truth
  3. biting in wit
  4. to respect deeply
  5. impossible to penetrate; incapable of being affected

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  1. soporificcausing sleep or lethargy


  2. crescendosteadily increasing volume or force


  3. enervateto reduce in strength


  4. bolstersevere or stern in appearance, undecorated


  5. malingerpredictable, clichéd, boring