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  1. desiccate
  2. dupe
  3. permeate
  4. stigma
  5. caustic
  1. a a mark of shame or discredit
  2. b biting in wit
  3. c to deceive; a person who is easily deceived
  4. d to penetrate
  5. e to dry out thoroughly

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  1. capable of being shaped
  2. an abusive, condemnatory speech
  3. great disorder or confusion
  4. to grovel
  5. filled with truth and accuracy

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  1. exculpateto copy; to try to equal or excel


  2. prudencesomeone who shows off learning


  3. discernto perceive; to recognize


  4. attenuateto reduce in force or degree; to weaken


  5. ostentationto make more bearable