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  1. capricious
  2. homogenous
  3. metaphor
  4. emulate
  5. venerate
  1. a a figure of speech comparing two different things; a symbol
  2. b of a similar kind
  3. c to copy; to try to equal or excel
  4. d to respect deeply
  5. e changing one's mind quickly and often

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  1. known or understood by only a few
  2. able to be molded, altered, or bent
  3. silent, not talkative
  4. correct behavior; obedience to rules and customs
  5. harsh, jarring noise

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  1. paradoxa contradiction or dilemma


  2. propitiateto prevent; to make unnecessary


  3. garruloustending to talk a lot


  4. efficacyeffectiveness


  5. decorumdeceptively attractive; seemingly plausible but fallacious