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  1. diatribe
  2. sublime
  3. iconoclast
  4. pungent
  5. inimical
  1. a sharp and irritating to the senses
  2. b one who opposes established beliefs, customs, and institutions
  3. c an abusive, condemnatory speech
  4. d hostile, unfriendly
  5. e lofty or grand

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  1. willing to betray one's trust
  2. to soften; to lessen
  3. learned, scholarly, bookish
  4. a harsh and disagreeable combination, often of sounds
  5. able to speak clearly and expressively

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  1. lavishto give unsparingly; or extremely generous or extravagant


  2. venerateto reduce in strength


  3. placateto soothe or pacify


  4. dirgeto deceive; a person who is easily deceived


  5. fervidimpartial and honest in speech


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