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  1. prudence
  2. irascible
  3. exonerate
  4. verbose
  5. prodigal
  1. a wisdom, caution, or restraint
  2. b to clear of blame
  3. c wordy
  4. d easily made angry
  5. e lavish, wasteful

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  1. to fluctuate between choices
  2. to stop up; to prevent the passage of
  3. to count, list, or itemize
  4. to calm or make less severe
  5. to annoy or provoke to anger

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  1. tacitto fluctuate between choices


  2. abstainto reduce in amount, degree, or severity


  3. corroborateto provide supporting evidence


  4. gregariousoutgoing, sociable


  5. torporextreme mental and physical sluggishness