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  1. Mutation
  2. Mitotic Divison
  3. How is yeast identified
  4. How are viruses measured
  5. Spikes
  1. a Viruses are measured in nanometers and are equal to 0.000000001 meter.
  2. b Change in the base sequence of DNA
  3. c biochemical test like bacteria
  4. d Carbohydrate-protein complex rods that project from the surface of the envelope.(also can be used as a means of virus identification)
  5. e Duplication of chromosomes followed by division of the cytoplasm

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  1. Organism that obtains its nutrients from dead organic matter
  2. Carolus Linnaeus a swedish Botanist in 1735.
  3. Control the movement of the stage
  4. The study of life in all its forms
  5. Physical characteristics,colony characteristics, and reproductive spores

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  1. Seriological testThe study of life in all its forms


  2. Nucleic acidThe inner protein coat around nucleic acid and made up of sub protein units called capsomeres


  3. Complex virusescomplicated structures; part may be helical and part may be polyhedral(Ebola and cholera)


  4. Five kingdoms of Living organisms1.Procaryote or Monera: Eubacteria and Archaeobacteria
    2.Protista; Slime molds,Protozoa and some algae
    3.Fungi- Unicelluar yeast and multi-cellular molds and mushrooms
    4.Plantae- Some algae,all mosses,ferns,conifers,and flowering plants
    5.Animalia-Sponges,worms,insects,and vertebrates


  5. 3 Forms of BiologyThe study of life in all its forms


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