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  1. what are the 2 ways fungi reproduce?
  2. Mycelium
  3. Polyhedral Viruses
  4. Solid media culture technique leads to what?
  5. Diaphragm
  1. a Controls the amount of light entering condenser
  2. b Mass of long filaments of cells, usually found in molds that are formed by hyphae under favorable conditions
  3. c Asexual and sexual reproduction
  4. d many sided: the capsid forms the shape of an icosahedron(20 triangular faces with 12 corners)
  5. e plaque method of detecting viruses in which the concentrations of viral suspensions are measured in PFUs

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  1. Kingdom
  2. DNA and RNA fingerprints
  3. Primary lenses that magnify the image or specimen.

    Low power- 10x
    High power-40x
    Oil immersion-100x
  4. Use of microbes to remove an environmental pollutant
  5. Change in the base sequence of DNA

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  1. What is any fungal disease called?Mycosis


  2. What is the commercial value of microbes*Used in synthetic chemical products as preservatives such as yeast.
    *Consume certain pollutants as a source of energy
    *used to make sauerkraut,pickles, and vinegar


  3. ChemoheterotrophThe green photosynthetic coloring matter of plants


  4. HyphaLong filaments of cells that are joined together composing the thallus.


  5. SaprophyteOrganism that obtains its nutrients from dead organic matter