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  1. Chlorophyll
  2. Bacteriophage
  3. How are multi-cellular fungi identified
  4. Solid media culture technique leads to what?
  5. Nose piece
  1. a Physical characteristics,colony characteristics, and reproductive spores
  2. b Holds objective lenses in place.
  3. c plaque method of detecting viruses in which the concentrations of viral suspensions are measured in PFUs
  4. d The green photosynthetic coloring matter of plants
  5. e Virus that infects bacteria

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  1. The industrial or commercial use of microrganisms to make useful products.
  2. many sided: the capsid forms the shape of an icosahedron(20 triangular faces with 12 corners)
  3. DNA and RNA fingerprints
  4. Controls the amount of light entering condenser
  5. A complete, fully developedd viral particle composed of nucleic acid and surronded by a protein coat.

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  1. Virus TaxonomyThe orderly classification of plants and animals


  2. BioremediationChange in the base sequence of DNA


  3. AntibodyProteins produced by animals in response to certain substances;They are highly specific to the virus that causes their formation.
    (In reponse to an antigen)


  4. BiologyThe study of life in all its forms


  5. What means can be used to see a viruscycle in which the host cell remains alive.
    1.attachment-sites are disrupted over surface of virus.
    2.penetration-capsid enters emdocytosis, cell pulls virus viron inside.
    3.uncoating- breakdown of viral nucleic from protein coat by host cells enzymes.
    4. Biosynthesis- dna is replicated