9 terms

Materials Economy Solutions

conscious consuming
being aware of what you buy and its impact on the environment
zero waste
eliminating waste and toxic chemicals in products, and making sure they are not being burned.

give up the "throw-away" mentality
buy local
buy from people that live in the community because products that are made locally do not have a long distance to travel to get on the shelves.
green chemistry
using non-toxic materials to produce goods.
buy ugly food movement
selling cosmetically "less than perfect" produce to help reduce food waste
tiny house movement
people choosing to downsize their homes due to environmental concerns (energy consumption),financial concerns(saving money) , and desire for more time and freedom
minimalist lifestyle
adjusting lifestyle to live simply by consuming less, minimizing disposal, and maximizing the use of products you own
poop to fuel
using human waste to create fuel for electric cars
waste to energy
turning garbage into energy