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A muscle that controls the diameter of an opening is a ________ muscle


A fan shaped muscle with a broad origin and fascicles that attach to a common site is a ________ muscle.


The most common lever systems in the body are those that have the applied force between the fulcrum and the load. These are called ________ levers.


Most of the skeletal muscles in the body are

parallel muscles.

Muscle fibers in skeletal muscle form bundles called ________.


Muscles with fibers that run parallel to the long axis of the body are called


A muscle that assists the muscle that is primarily responsible for a given action is a(n)


Each of the following terms is a descriptive
term for a muscle's action, except? tensor.


Muscles located close to the midline of the body may be called


The ________ covers the anterior surface of the neck.


Which of the following muscles compresses
the abdomen? internal oblique
external oblique
transverse abdominis
rectus abdominis


Muscles of the rotator cuff include all of the
following, except the supraspinatus.
teres minor.


To keep the humeral head centered within the glenoidal cavity the rotator cuff muscles must be __________.

located in the same plane

The location of the rotator cuff muscles in relation to the glenohumoral joint minimizes the upward pressure against the __________.

acromion of the scapula

Watch the animation, then answer the questions below.

teres major muscle

Downward dislocation of the humerus from the glenohumeral joint when carrying weight is prevented by the __________.

supraspinatus muscle

The angle of which muscle prevents the humeral head from sliding upward out of the joint as the arm is raised?


Which of the following is a wrist flexor?

palmaris longus muscle

The muscle that extends the arm while doing push-ups is the


To allow for flexion, the __________ unlocks the knee joint.


Which of these muscles is a member of the
quadriceps group? vastus intermedius
vastus lateralis
rectus femoris
vastus medialis


Which of the following is an example of a convergent muscle?

pectoralis major

Which statement regarding third-class levers is false?

The load is located between the applied force and the fulcrum.

Which of the following muscle terms indicates a "bandage" shape?


Which muscle term indicates a muscle whose contraction is chiefly responsible for producing a particular movement?


Which of the following muscles is one that arises on the axial skeleton?


Which of the following muscles moves the nose, and changes the shape and position of the nostrils?


Which of the following muscles does not act to depress the hyoid bone and larynx?


Which muscle is a spinal flexor whose insertion is the base of the occipital bone?

longus capitis

Which muscle(s) of the rectus group insert(s) on a central tendinous sheath, and act(s) to expand the thoracic cavity, as well as compress the abdominopelvic cavity?


The pelvic diaphragm does not include which muscle?

deep transverse perineal

Which of the following muscles of the pectoral girdle acts to adduct the scapula and perform downward rotation?

rhomboid major

Which muscle of the forearm is not an elbow flexor?


The superior pubic ramus is the origin of which adductor?


Plantar flexion is a function of which of the following muscles?


The vastus lateralis is found in which muscle compartment?


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