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Describe ART as a Web-based system.= It is a Web-based, nonintrusive-HTML environment tool with associated databases to support collection,
collation, and report generation of unit and aggregate UTC readiness data.`
What five readiness categories does ART measure?= Personnel, training, warrior skills, equipment supply, and equipment condition`
What do unit CCs' assessments reported in ART provide?= The status of each UTC in the AEF library.`
On what are UTC assessments in ART based?= All aspects of the UTC to include: (1) the ability to perform the capability defined by the MISCAP
statement; (2) the capacity to fulfill the standard manpower requirements; and (3) the capacity to fulfill the
complete equipment requirements.`
Where do CCs rate each UTC?= Against the unit's current ability to deploy the UTC.`
What must CCs consider when rating personnel for deployment?= Whether they are worldwide mobility qualified and have all required mission and skill level training`
complete in accordance with applicable directives and instructions, and if the equipment is serviceable and
available for deployment.
Which ART report provides current status of the UTC(s), including CC's comments, and focuses on retrieving the UTA ALN status, with applicable remarks?= UTC report
What type of data does MEFPAK listings provide?= Standard AF UTCs
Which functional area is responsible for organizing, training, and equipping aerospace forces to meet CCDR requirements and is the final approving authority for CAF consolidated planning order, MAF schedule, and subsequent schedule changes?= HAF
As the system manager for ART, upon what does AFPC advise HAF, and CSAF?= On readiness issues pertaining to AEF and on AF reporting policies and procedures for ART; and on issues
affecting force readiness and their reporting in this system.
Which wing/base-level functional level is responsible for associating, tracking, and managingpersonnel and equipment in UTCs, and for assigning them to the proper AEF?= Squadron/unit CC or equivalent level supervisors
What is key to a successfully managed installation ART program?= Successfully navigating the ART's functional pages
Why is it important to have the correct role and access to ART?= To ensure your program is managed correctly
Why is it important to update ART status immediately?= To ensure the CCDR can correctly asses his or her support capability
Who can navigate to the AFRIT site and view, print, or request email notification of changes to certain documents?= Any individual with access to AEF Online.
Which role does each air component, MAJCOM, or other function have in AFRIT when deleting or uploading reporting instructions for their AOR?= AFRIT_Update role.
How many members do CCs have the authority to designate access to the unit's data on their behalf?= Up to three members
Which CCTK report displays a list of all assigned individuals with deployment limiting conditions?= Nondeployable roster
What does the DPDRT provide to deployed PERSCO teams?= The capability to report deployment discrepancies to individual home units and to receive responses
regarding the discrepancy.
Within what time period must IDO and IPR personnel initiate a follow-up action upon receiving discrepancies?= 72 hours.
Which type of agencies verify, coordinate, and flow requirements from AFPC/DP3 to designated units within seven working days?=
Which agency serves as the focal point for HNS and ACSAs?=
Who serves as the AFMC primary POC and corporate advocate for all logistics readiness and responsibilities?=