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  1. What is the inverse square law?
  2. Why do we use logarithimic numbers and decibels?
  3. When doing research and publishing it is important to state these 2 things.
  4. What range do our ears have the greatest sensitivity to sounds?
  5. What is a VRP and what does it do?
  1. a describes how sound diminishes as the distance from the sound source increases
  2. b because values in watts are too cumbersome
  3. c Voice Range Profile: measures dynamic range; from lowest to highest intensity across a person's (dB range) Fo range
  4. d the middle range around 1000 Hz
  5. e *that they used dB SPL
    *the distance of the sound level meter from the speaker

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  1. 1st: take all of the values + and - of the signal and square them
    2nd: get the average of the squared values (it will be +)
    3rd: get the square root of the average which then gives you the RMS
  2. Fo increases tend to be associated with amplitude increases due to physiological reasons
  3. intensity
  4. relative measures as long as you're comparing like with like
  5. the amplitude of the signal

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  1. What type of characteristic is loudness and what does it correlate to?a perceptual characteristic


  2. What complicates our perception of loudness?the amount of energy that can be transferred by the system
    *in the case of a music system, the energy comes from a battery or from the electrical wall socket and the output from this system is acoustic energy


  3. There are some things to keep in mind when using a sound meter level. They are:*distance is crucial: it must be known or at least kept constant from one session to another because of the inverse square law
    *keep mouth to mic distance constant
    *keep input settings constant for each session


  4. What is the great value in using a decibel scale?it allows us to span a wide range of intensitites using numbers that aren't absolutely enormous or totally minuscule.


  5. How do you use a sound level meter in the clinic?measures intensity in decibels


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