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  1. 1 Nephi 17
  2. 1 Nephi 8
  3. 2 Nephi 4
  4. 1 Nephi 16
  5. Bible Dictionary 707
  1. a Lehi's dream
  2. b The Liahona, Nephi's Bow, and Ishmael's death
  3. c Lehi dies and is buried. Nephi puts his trust in the Lord.
  4. d Nephi builds a ship
  5. e " one understands Isaiah better, he more fully comprehends the mission of the Savior,..."

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  1. Lehi exhorts his sons to put on the armor of God.
  2. Babylon destroys Judah.
  3. Lehi speaks to Jacob. Redemption comes through Christ. All men are free to choose. Opposition in all things.
  4. Laban's servant; agrees to go with Nephi and his brothers into the wilderness
  5. 2 Nephi 31
    1. Faith
    2. Baptism
    3. Repentance
    4. Baptism by Fire -- Holy Ghost

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  1. Jacob 2Jacob rebukes the people of Nephi for their pride and their sexual immorality. "I the Lord God delight in the chastity of women."


  2. Ishmaelfather of a family in Jerusalem; Lehi's sons go to him to find wives


  3. Isaiah's 4 Main Themesfather of a family in Jerusalem; Lehi's sons go to him to find wives


  4. Lehiprophet; father of Laman, Lemuel, Sam, Nephi, Jacob, and Joseph; teachings: atonement, destruction of Jerusalem, Tree of Life


  5. 1 Nephi 3The sons of Lehi try to get the plates and fail. Laman and Lemuel smite Nephi and Sam with a rod and are reproved by an angel.