CH2 L12

37 terms by MarthaKang

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Chinese Link Level 1 Part 2 Lesson 12

jiè - to lend / to borrow / excuse / pretext / by means of / to seize (an opportunity) / to take (an opportunity)


jiè chē - borrow a car

yòng - to use


yòng chē - use a car

míng - tomorrow, bright


míngtiān - tomorrow

děi - to have to / must / ought to / to need to

jiē - to meet, to pick (someone) up


jiē rén - to pick up someone (from somewhere e.g., airport, bus station)

jī - machine


jīchǎng - airport; airfield; aerodrome

fēi - to fly


fēijī - airplane


mèimei - younger sister

wán - to play

bái - white

sè - color


bái sè - white

tíng - to stop, to park


tíngchē - to park a car

pái - to arrange; to put in order

dǎng - obstruct, impede; stop; resist


shǒupáidǎng - manual transmission (stick shift)

liàn - practice/gloss/train/drill/polish/refine

xí - to learn


liànxí - to practice

yīng - should/ought to/ surname Ying

gāi - should, above,stated/the said/that specific


yīnggāi - should

dào - to arrive to (a place) / until (a time) / up to / to go / to arrive


kāi chē - to drive a car

tí- topic, subject


wèntí - problem, question

néng - can; be able to

jìn - to enter, to advance

bù - step, pace,walk / march / stages in a process


jìnbù - to improve, to make progress, to advance

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