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Cosmetology Practice test questions

When working with hair that has been chemically relaxed, you should avoid using:
Hot irons
Incorrect placement of the rubber band of perm rods will cause band marks or:
When performing test curls, the rod should be unwound approximately:
1 1/2 turns
When checking for test curl development, the teest curl should relfect:
firm S formation
The term used to describe removing excess water before the application of a neutralizer is:
Performing texture services involves poerful chemicals that must be handled with:
To avoid excessive stretching of the hair when combing out tangles, use a:
Wide-toothed comb
To avoid scalp irritation, prior to the application of a hydroxide relaxer never:
Shampoo the hair
Curl re-formation does not straighten the hair, it simply makes the existing curl:
larger and looser
Conditioners with an acidic pH that condition and normalize hair prior to shampooing are:
Normalizing lotions
To avoid coverprocessing during a retouch relaxer application, wait until the last few minutes of processing to apply relaxer to the area:
closest to the scalp
The strength of relaxers is determined by the concentration of :
Cream used to protect the skin and scalp during a hair relaxing process is:
base cream
Ammonium sulfite and ammonium bisulfite are marketed as:
mild alternative relaxers
lithium hydroxide relaxers and potassium hydroxide relaxers are advertised asn sold as:
no-lye relaxers
A relaxer with two components mixed immediately prior to use is:
guanidine hydroxide relaxer
The main reducing agent in alkaline permanents is:
Ammonium thioglycolate
The primary low pH reducing agent in acid waves is :
glyceryl monothioglycolate
An exothermic chemical reaction produces:
The basic components of acid waves are permanent wave solution and:
activator and neutralizer
An endothermic wave must be activated using a
outside heat source
The basic components of acid waves are permanent wave solution and:
Activator and neutralizer
An endothermic wave must be activated using a:
outside heat source
In permanent waving, the processing should be determined by the:
strength of the solution
Hair that is too weak to hold a curl or may be completely:
The process of stopping the action of a permanent wave is:
Permanent wave solution should be rinsed from the hair for a minimum:
5 minutes
A 90-degree perm wrap that minimizes stress and tension on the hair is:
half off base
The process of rearranging extremely curly hair into a straighter or smoother form is:
chemical hair relaxing
In extremely curly hair, the thinnest and weakest sections of the hair strand are located at the:
Thio chemical relaxers usually have a pH value above:
The active ingredient in all hydroxide relaxers is the hydroxide:
All hydroxide relaxers can swell the hair up to:
twice its normal diameter
Hydroxide relaxers remove one atom of sulfur from a disulfide bond converting it into a:
lanthionine bond
Disulfide bonds broken by hydroxide relaxers can never be :
Hydroxide ions left in the hair after a relaxer can be neutralized using a :
acid-balanced shampoo
Relaxers containing one component used without any additional mixing are:
metal hydroxide relaxers
Sodium hydroxide relaxers (NaOH) are commonly called:
lye relaxers