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Blocker's American Revolution

The town of Concord created a specail unit of men called__________, who were trained and ready to fight at a moment's notice.
May; Rights and Grievence; George Washington
The second continental congress met in __________ the month after Lexington and Concord with 13 colonies represented and drafted a list of______________against the king, BUT the single most important action of the selection_______________ to head a Continental army.
Bunker Hill; Gun Powder
Between April 1775 and July 1776 a series of conflicts erupted between British troops and local militias. In June of 1775 colonists seized a position in Boston, known as ______________. The Patriots repelled two British attaks before running out of____________ and retreating form their position overlooking the city
One of the biggest shocks of the colonist was George III's arragnements to hire thousands of German merenaries called ______________to fight in the colonies.
Thomas Paine; John Locke; Popular Sovierty; Rebel
Even with mercenaries, refusals to acknowledge continental grievance and battles between militia and British regulars, the colonists vacillate between loyaly and regret. THe jolt to the colonists came with the January 1776 publication by __________ taht branded the wishy-washiness of the colonist as a contrary to
Richard Lee Henry; Thomas Jefferson
In June, 1776 Virginian _________ presented a motion to the Congress that the
Explain to the rest of the world why the colonies had revolted
One Purposes of the Declaration of Independence was to
comes form the people themselves
In a republic, power
blame the colonies' problems on the British Parliament
The declartion of Independence did all of the following except
He has approved of the laws for imposing taxes on us without our consent
He has kept amont us, in times of peace, without the consent of our legislatures.
He has imprisoned Samuel Adams and John Hancock without a trail by jury.
He has approved of laws for transporitng us beyond seas, to be tried for pretended offenses.
The American Revolution was not only a war between the Americans and the British, but also a civil war between the Patriots and the Loyalists or__________, after the British politicla party they supported.
Some fled to England; Some re-established themselves in American; Some had their property confiscated; Some were exiled
Which of the following fates befell Loyalists after the Revolutionary War
New England
Loyalist were least numerous in
Keep Patriot soldiers at home to protect their families
To help the British, colonail Loyalists did all of the following except
Attrition, alliance with France, and Guerilla Tactics
What were the 3 colonial military strategies?
Government had no power to tax
Why did George Washington have a difficult time feeding and clothing his continental army?
defeating the Hessians at Trenton and the British at Princeton
In late 1776 and early 1777, George Washington helped restore confidence in America's by
Isolate New England
The basic strategy of the British in 1777 was to try to
passed a bill that offered Amerricans home rule
After the humiliating defeat at Saratoga in 1777, the British Parliament
brought the colonist much-needed aid and a formal alliance with France
The battle of Sartoga was a key victory for the Americans becuase it
thought the colonists' chance of winning slim before the victory
France waited to give open assistacne to America until after the victory at Saratoga because the French
it wanted revenge against Britian
France came to America's aid in the Revolution because
gain access to large sums of money; double the size of the fighting forces; avail themselves of French naval strength; gain immense amounts of equipment
When the alliance with Frace was formalized, the Americans were able to
The commander of French troops in America, who travled alongside Washington's Troops were
Greatly aided America's struggle for indepednece; was motivated by what the Frech considered to be their own national interests; forced the British to change their military strategy in America; Helped them protect their own West Indies islands
French aid to the colonies
The colonists suffered their heaviest losses of the Revoltuionary War at the Battle of
George Rodgers Clark (A)
Commanded Patriot troops in the west (3)
Nathanael Greene (B)
Commanded Patriot troops in the South (2)
John Paul Jones (C)
Commanded Patriot naval forces (4)
the believed that a Britsih victory would restrain American expansion into the west
Some indian nations joined the British during the Revolutionary War because
On October 19, 1781, approximately 8,000 British troops marched out of ______________ and laid down their weapons, ending the last battle of the year.
Spain; Holland; De Grasse
While the colonials deserved credit for having kept the war going until 1778, they did not achieve independence without help form their alliance with France, _______________ and _______________. The great aid at sea came from the French navy, under the leadership of ________________.
THe war ended within a month
After the British defeat at Yorktown
Consult with the colonies' French allies and make no separate peace arrangemetns with the Britsih
American diplomats to the peace negotitaions in Paris in 1782-1783 were insturcted by the 2nd Continental Congress to
John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and John Jay
The 3 peace negotiatiors were
Were trying to presuade America to abandon its alliance with France
Britain gave America generous terms in the Treaty of Paris because British leaders
Great Britian returns to New York ot the Dutch
Which of the following was not a provision of the Treaty of Paris as shown on the chart?
Control over Florida
WHen did Spain get as a result of its involvement in the Revoltionary War
America broke the assuracnes regarding treatment of the Loyalists
Regarding the provisions of the 1783 Treaty of Paris, which formally ended the Revolution
Lord North
Prime Minister of England during the American Revolution
George Rodgers Clark
Continental commander who coordinated the western frontier battles
Marquis de Lafayette
French noble and military officer who was an aide to washington
Nathan Hale
I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.
Baron von Steuben
Military Strategist from Prussia who trained troops at Valley Forge
Culper Spy Ring
A well-oiled network that was responsible for passing along valuable info
Robert Morris
the financier of the Revolution