10j CE Work Flow

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3E6s are responsible for ______________________ and _____________________ service request(SRs) as they are submitted by customers
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-provide clear and concise responses/explanations in terms the customer understands
-set aside personal feelings for an attitude capable of interacting with personality types across a wide spectrum
-avoid setting unrealistic timelines, and deliver on or before promised dates
-when deadlines are in jeopardy, make customers aware as soon as a delay becomes evident
-if possible, point customers to resouces your unit has that answer questions
Verify description, justification and supporting documentsAccuracySRs for mission critical, new, modificxation, or minor construction must havesigned AF Form 332 or Memorandum for Record (MFR) from the customer's unti commanderif work is not CEs responsibility you should provide justification and refer the customer to the appropriate agency.Feasibilitywhere do you verify the request is for CE Real PropertyAFI 32-9005if the AFI 32-9005 does not answer if its Real Property who do you contactRPAO_______________________is you bases expert on real property issuesReal Property Accountability Officer (RPAO)Refer the customer to U-Fix-It if the requirement falls un the parameters of the U-Fix-It programComplexityEnsure work is properly classified in accordance with AFI 32-1020Classification