Waiting for Schlotsky:Nathan

Here ye, hear you! Rams hackle community players! I have an announcement!
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You'll be backing up. Singing harmonies. Jazz hands. Smiling. Lots of smiling.What about the rest of us?You guys. Come on! Erwin Schlotzky is coming. We have to bring our A game. (dramatic pause) I won't disappoint him again...Kirstie, please... Adults are talking.Sorry? It was nothing! Let's sing.Wait, what was that? [Pause]It looked like you were having an aside...That was... [Pause] I was thinking the opposite.Brilliant... Right?Company! Gather round!No reason to get all worked up there, Joanne... Everyone's entitled to their... Secrets.After the mess that was our last number, Trish and I put together something new.You heard him, company, don't dawdle. Chop chop. Let's go...Trish please! Your enthusiasm is tiresome [pause] as an added treat, I will be joining you for this number. Everyone do your best to keep up. Melody hit it.You guys, you're really going to love this one. I put together this epic dance break and... [Pause] right.Everybody out. OUT. Out. OUT OUT OUT! [sobs] i'm surrounded by AMATEURS!So...? What did you think?Not now, Trish. I'm having a dramatic moment.[She hugs Nathan from behind] oh, it's OK Nathan. I'm here.Will we? However will we accomplish that? It'll take a miracle to whip these deadbeats into shape. [Sighs]Don't worry, will whip them into shape by the time Schlotzky gets here.You're right. I am. But I don't feel so great right now.You are Nathan Jones. The greatest Director the Rams Hackel community players has ever seen!No thank you. [Pause] I really don't have time for this...Have a seat. [Pause] ice said sit! I've been working on some thing... Just for you...You did!?When I was crowned green country fair daisy princess in 2002, I was up against some of the best. I did not have half of what they had... If you know what I'm saying. But, I did have the same exact thing that you have...This one? This one?[Nathan rushes in followed by Trish. Trish has an arm full of scarves and a hand mirror. Add frantically takes her scarves out of her arms one by one, motioning her to show him in the mirror.]Is that Schlotzsky?[Joan enters on the phone, and everybody stops what they're doing.]I can't believe this.[Clapping. Then stops.] Oh wait, that's bad, right?I am full of despair. I haven't felt this bad since I was fired as ASM of crying game: the musical.My moment. Ruined.Yes. I'd misplaced the prop ...member for the big reveal in the finale. I panicked. I was forced to use a banana. Joan was there. She remembers. I was a mess.You were fired?Joan. You didn't!Laura, stop![Near tears] how could you?!It's true. I stole the prop member and tried to stash it at the adult novelty store. I'm the reason you got fired from the crying game: the musical.And Schlotzsky's... Was he even coming tonight, or was this just part of some ploy to rest control of the Rams Hackel community players out of my capable grasp?My whole life I wanted to be a SM for a regional theater musical re-imagination of an Oscar nominated film! I thought that would be my only chance. I would've had it too if you hadn't come strolling in with your sassy scarves and highfalutin attitude! I'm... Sorry.I'm not sure I can believe anything you say. Ever again. Company. To me.He was going to be here. I swear it!Is this how it's going to end!? Is this my Latin life? Will my genius go unnoticed an unrecognized?[Nathan is eating Nutella and shrouded in all his scarves]Trish, please. I'm not... FrenchNathan. Are you OK?Leave me. Leave me to my miseryI know.Fine. Stay. Hear me emote.I will not.Trish, please. You're in my light.I'm listening. [Moves closer]Thank you, Trish. For everything.I knew you had it In you.Who?He's coming.What are we going to do?!No pressure, no pressure,... I am a pretty pretty princess...Wait... What's that? I hear more Webber...[The song don't cry for me Argentina plays][Fumbling] well, we have a few numbers that we'd been preparing for you...[Annoyed] Mr. Schlotzky is looking for two actors to round out the chorus for "see me, hear me." He was told you have something prepared for him.