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History - Chapter 4a

Important People in the English Settlements
Anne Hutchinson
Puritan who believed that church wasn't necessary, but that the Bible was enough to know God. She was banished and founded Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
Chief Powhatan
Ruled tribes around Jamestown, eventually lived in peace with the colonists.
Chief Tomochichi
Chief of the Yamacraw, befriended James Oglethorpe, gave the settlers land
James Oglethorpe
British General and founder and governor of the Georgia Colony
John Rolfe
Introduced tobacco as a cash crop, to the colonist of Jamestown and started making them money.
John Smith
Came to Jamestown, ended up leading the people and forcing them to work hard and over come their rich and lazy ways from back in England.
Metacomet (King Phillip)
Indian chief who declared war on colonists, peaceful until taken advantage of by colonists who made him sign unfair treaties
Miles Standish
English captain that helped defend the Pilgrims in Plymouth.
A Powhatan woman (the daughter of Powhatan) who befriended/kidnapped by the English at Jamestown. (married John Rolfe & changed her name to Rebecca)
Roger Williams
Puritan minister who believed that people should be allowed to practice their religion freely (separation of church and state). He was banished and founded Providence, Rhode Island.
Native American who spoke some English and helped to teach the pilgrims how to farm, hunt, fish and build off the land.
Thomas Hooker
Puritan who believed that the church was too powerful and should be split into smaller churches with different leaders. He was banished and founded the Connecticut colony along with about 100 followers.
William Bradford
Elected leader of the new Plymouth Colony.
William Penn
Quaker who founded the Pennsylvania (Penn's Woods) colony.