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42 terms

U8_ENM301_Case Study & Examples

n. an unusual or difficult job requiring great skill or daring
People who do S___ are just great.
make way for
v. cleared a way for (mở đường cho)
make way for
It's time to M___ ___ ___ a younger man.
on one's feet
Phv. recovering, getting better from sickness or trouble.
on her feet
Our teacher was back O___ ___ ___ shortly after she had her accident.
on your feet
I've spent a month studying your organization and visiting your clubs. I know what to do to get you back O___ ___ ___.
v. to do something that is expected, hoped for or promised or to cause it to happen.
At the age of 45, she finally F___ her ambition to run a marathon.
get on well with
to have a good relationship with
getting on much better
We're G___ ___ ___ ___ now that we don't live together.
get on well with
I have a lot of friends and G___ ___ ___ ___ everyone.
interpersonal skills
the skills that a person uses to interact with other people, also referred to as people skills or communication skills.
interpersonal skills
He's got excellent I___ ___.
be in charge
being the person who has control of or is responsible for someone or something:
v. to make someone excited and interested about something:
Good teachers should ask questions that S___students to think.
The work is no longer challenging. I am not S___ anymore.
adj. describes someone who behaves confidently and is not frightened to say what they want or believe
If you really want the promotion, you'll have to be more A___.
I should be more forceful, more A___ when I give my opinion.
n&v. to give several things equal amounts of importance, time or money so that a situation is successful
I struggle to B___ work and family commitments.
It's important to get the B___ right between work and your personal life.
people person
a person who enjoys, and is good at, being with and talking to other people
adj. enough for a particular purpose
This recipe should be___ for five people.
v. to improve or increase something
Suffix: showing the direction in which something is aimed
exploiting new business opportunities
Take advantage of business opportunities
liaise with sb
v. to speak to people in other organizations in order to exchange information with them
liaise with
Our head office will L___ ___ the suppliers to ensure delivery.
track record
all the achievements or failures that someone or something has had in the past:
track record
The school has an impressive/strong T___ ___ in getting its students through examinations.
Adj. excellent; clearly very much better than what is usual
It's an area of O___ natural beauty
n. natural ability to do something well
He has a F___ for languages.
Adj. acting in a way that does not cause offence: (mang tính ngoại giao)
You could try being a little more D___this time
The theatre managed to B___ its audiences by cutting ticket prices.
His main task is to B___ sales at clubs and increase profits.