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  1. Trichuriasis also known as..
  2. Loiasis: genus of deer fly
  3. Microfilaria larva stage
  4. Loss of skin elasticity and lymphadentitis
  5. Dracunculiasis occurrence
  1. a Africa and Asia
  2. b Pre larval stage
  3. c Hanging groin
  4. d Whipworm disease
  5. e Chrysops

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  1. Banocide
  2. Rectum protrudes through the anus
  3. Surgically remove the worm
  4. African rainforest
  5. Bite of an infected female black fly

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  1. Ascariasis mode of transmissionIngesting eggs in contaminated food or soil


  2. Onchocerciasis incubation period1 year


  3. Filariasis diagnosesSkin and muscle biopsies


  4. Filariform larva shapeInfective larva stage


  5. Filariasis colorWhite or pink