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  1. Hookworm Disease also known as..
  2. Trichinosis early signs and symptoms
  3. Microfilaria larva stage
  4. Dracunculiasis treatment
  5. Trichinosis death symptom
  1. a Muscle soreness and swollen upper eyelids
  2. b Surgically remove the worm
  3. c Pre larval stage
  4. d Ancylostomiasis, Uncinariasis, Necatoriasis
  5. e Myocardial failure

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  1. Bite of an infected deer fly
  2. Banocide
  3. Indirectly by clothing, bed, and food
  4. Mebendazole
  5. Simulium

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  1. Trichinosis signs and symptomsMuscle soreness and swollen upper eyelids


  2. Loiasis diagnosisSkin and muscle biopsies


  3. Dracunculiasis occurrenceSurgically remove the worm


  4. Loiasis occurrenceAfrican rainforest


  5. Trichuriasis symptoms in childrenWhipworm disease