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  1. Onchocerciasis signs and symptoms
  2. Loss of skin elasticity and lymphadentitis
  3. Trichinosis early signs and symptoms
  4. Enterobiasis signs and symptoms
  5. Ascariasis color
  1. a Perianal itching, can't sleep well, and vulvovaginitis
  2. b Pruritic rash, dermatitis altered pigmentation, and loss of skin elasticity and lymphadentitis
  3. c Hanging groin
  4. d White or pink
  5. e Muscle soreness and swollen upper eyelids

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  1. In human blood and tissue
  2. Rectal prolapse, clubbing finger, anemia
  3. 1 year
  4. Pre larval stage
  5. Bite of an infected deer fly

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  1. Dermatitis altered pigmentationLeopard skin


  2. Strongyloidiasis treatmentSurgically remove the worm


  3. Loiasis diagnosisIdentify microfilariae in the peripheral blood, use thick and thin smears for species identification


  4. Filariasis colorCreamy white


  5. Trichinosis fever lasts..Myocardial failure