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- drug that is used to compliment the effects of another drug.

Bipolar disorder

- mental health illness associated with sudden sings in mood between depression and periods of insomnia, racing thoughts, distractibility, and increased goal-directed behaviour.


- bedwetting or uncontrollable urination during sleep.

Major depression

- mental health illness associated with persistent feeling of sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness taht persists for several weeks.

Monoamine oxidase

- enzyme found in the liver, intestine, and terminal neuron, responsible for degradation of monamine neurotransmitters and dietary amines.

Mood disorder

- affective disorder involving a change in emothional behavior.

Serotonin syndrome

- potentially life threatening adverse drug reaction caused by excessive serotonin that produces symptoms of confusion, agitation, diarrhea, tremors, increased blood pressure, and seizures.

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