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art history

Which of the following thenes represents the interior decorative program of Santa Sabina
grape harvesting and wine production
Which of the following in an architechtural element found in Santan Sabina
timbered ceiling
The Rossano gospels is the earliest illuminated mauscript that contains illusatrations of which of the following?
New testament
The representation of Nahor seen in the scene of Rebecca and Eliezer at the wellfrom the Vienna Genesis uses which of the following conventions
Roman pictorial convention
The representation of a bearded Christ form the Rossano Gospels clearly indicates this work was made in which of the folllowing centuries
6th century
Who was the founder of the NEw rome of the east
Which of the following features is of Byzantine orgin and was necer incorporated in San Vitate
The dome of the Hagia Sophia is supported by?
The medium used for the icon of the Virgin and Child between St Theodore and St George is which of the following
Theodora's presences in the mosiac program of San Vitale indicates her importance and unique position within the court of Justinian. The three magi on the border of her dress represents
belongs in the elevated company
The flight of Byzantine scholars in 1453 introduced the study of classical Greek into Italy. Why?
the fall of Byzantium
What region did Byzantium Christianize
The prescence of which figures in the mosiac progrma support this theme
Christ and Justinian
The images and symbols found in the santuary form San Vitale express the single theme of
Christs redemption of humanity
The momastic movement began in what country in the third century
It is said that the Ascension from the Rabbaa Gospels is not an illustration of the Gospels but ather illumination
the presence of the Virgin
Where would a squinch be found
supporting a dome
In place of images the iconoclasts used only symbolic forms already familiar in the Early Christian ARt
vacant Throne of God
Basil 1 undertook the repair of the damge done during the iconoclasm
by dedicating a new mosiac in Hagia Sophia
The dome on the Katholikon, Hosios Loukas is forme by
The image of Christ os the Pantkrator refers to him as
the last judge
Whose relics were obtained form Egypt for venice
st mark
Based on this theme what does this panel commemorate
the divine right to rule
Which of the following figures would support Williams right to rule?
the pantokrator
The emotional impact of the LAmination over the dead christ is found,. Which two figures supports this
Mary and John
Which of the following events changed the fortunes of Byzantium in the late period
the Seljuk Turks captured most of Anatolia
What accounts for the Fragmentary knowledge of Byzantine art prior to the ninth century
The iconoclasm
When islam arose who were peripheral to the Byzantine and persian empires
What was the Hegira
Muhammads flight form Mecca
How is the interior space difened in the muslim world
by having no interior walls
Muslims worship allah directly however, during communal gatherings, the imam would stand on a stepped pulpit or
The coming of the new religion to Jerusalem, a city sacred to both jews and christions, was marked by
the dome of the rock
The vault in the hall of the two sisters is meant to symbolize
the dome of heaven
Siana was court architect to suleyman the magnificant, which was one of his greates achievements
mosque of Selim 2
The structural foundation of the Great Mosque of Damascus owes much to the architecture of the grecco roman east
roman precinct walls
Which of the folliing is bulit over the spot Muhammad assended from heaven
Doem of the Rock
Which would never appear in ornamental writting of the Koran
stylized floral forms
unification texts in islamic korans found in european manuscripts
7th century capital of islam transferred
positons of all mosques point
hypostyle mosque reflects
it is Muhammads house in Medina
The Saminid mausoleum form Bukhara
dome on a cube form
The great mosque at cordaba has a hypostyle prayer hall
10th century Caliph al Hakam 2
Purityof writting is purity of the soul
Mamluks means
The ottomans developed a new style
geometric and formalistic
umayad palaces
Roman influences
The abbasids overthrew
The sacred book of islam is koran recitations
Archangel Gabriel
not part of Mesoamerica
division of labor affect mesoamerica
created hiearchy
olmes would convene for ritual observatations at
san lorenzo an la venta
cosmopolitan charater of Teotihuacan
the citys diverse population
giant olmec heads
olmec carved and polished ax-shaped forms
west mexian tombs wher filled
deep shafts with chambers at the base
found in all mesoamerican cultures
ball courts
urabn plan of teotihuacan
hellenistic and roman city planning
maya architexture signify
power of ruler
mesoamerican mexican pre classic perion
200 bce-ce 300
economic base of mesoamerican mexico
culivation of maize
chronology of mesoamerica
temple tikal
tomb of ruler beneath it
ceramic figures form jaina
scene of everyday life
mother culutre
corbelled vaulting
site did aztec visit
typical mayan art and architexture
creation of huge ceremonial centers
feathered serpent
stie not located in south america
chichen itza
adena and mississippian cultures
burial and temple mounds
Murals found in prehistoric pueblos
aprits associated with agriculture fertility
Southwest kiva
a large circular semi-subterranean structure
chavin iconography
via portable media