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fansThere were many ______ waiting after the concert. = People who like and admire someone or something (such as a singer or group) in a very enthusiastic way.traditionalThey like listening to _________ Japanese music. = Following ideas and methods that have existed for a long time, rather than doing anything new or different.genreWhat ______ of music do you like? = A particular type or category of literature or art.burned outif you study piano everyday for many hours, you may get ________. = (2 words) When you work so hard for a long time and get tired of doing it; want to quitrhythmShe started moving to the ____ of the music. = A regular, repeated pattern of sounds.beatIf a song has a good _______, you can dance to it. = A loud or strong sound that occurs regularly in music.jazzWhen I want to relax, I like to listen to ____ like Miles Davis. = A type of American music that has a strong beat and parts for performers to play alone.classicalBeethoven wrote a lot of famous _________ music. = Serious music that is usually instrumental and comes from a European traditionrockWhen I want to exercise, I like to listen to _____. = Type of popular music with a strong loud beat, played using guitars and drums.bluesShe listens to ________ music like B.B. King. A slow sad style of music that came from the southern US.hip hopEminem is famous for ________ music. = A kind of popular dance music with a regular heavy beat and spoken words.soundtrackThe recorded music from a film. Ex. She loves the _______ from the movie Titanic.sing alongHe loves to _________ with the radio. = (2 words) To sing a song together with someone who is already singing or with a recording of the songconcertThere is a free _________ in the park on Saturday. = A public performance of music.downloadOn iTunes you can ________ for a small price. = To get music from the Internet or from another computer to your computer or performanceShe gave a ________ last week. = (2 words) Done in front of an audience, rather than recorded.intoWhat songs are you ______ these days? = To like and be interested in something. (slang)hitAdelle has had many _______ songs. = A song that is very popular and successful.popularMichael Jackson first became ______ when he was very young. = Liked or enjoyed by many people.guitarShe plays the _________.celloHe plays the __________.violinHe plays the __________.saxophoneDo you play the __________?pianoDoes she play the __________?drumsShe plays the __________.fluteHe plays the __________.clarinetHe plays the __________.trumpetDoes he play the __________?orchestraThey play in an __________. = a large group of musicians who play together on various instrumentsoperaPavarotti is a famous __________ singer. = a musical play in which all of the words are sungsymphonyWe went to see the San Francisco _________ perform. = a very large orchestravocalsShe sings backup ___________ for some famous musicians. = the part of a piece of music that is sung rather than played on an instrumentlead singerHe the ___________ of the group. = the person who sings most of the songs.broke upThe band _________ last year. = stopped playing togetherplay liveThe band is going to _________ on New Year's Eve. = perform in front of an audiencetop 40I like to listen to the _________. = the 40 most popular songs in the country in that week.chartsHis song climbed to the top of the _________. = the lists of popular songs.melodyThat song has a great _________. = the combined sounds of the notesalbumThe Beatles put out many __________. = a collection of songs that have been publishedmusical notesYou can see _______ on sheet music.composerMozart was a famous ___________. = a person who writes music, especially classical musicalternativeHe likes _________ music. = music such as Nirvana or Green Day that came from the rock of the 1990'scatchyThat song is really ________. = music or words that people like and are easy to remember.tuneThe players must ________ their instruments before they play. = adjust the instruments so that it sounds rightrecordingsMany people make __________ at home and put them on Youtube. = music or video that has been put onto a tape or computer.electricHe plays the _________ guitar.acousticShe plays the _________ guitar.signedHe ________ a recording contract with Sony. = put your name on a legal agreement.producerHe is a famous music __________. = someone whose job is to organize and direct the recording and production of music (or a movie)countryHe likes ________ music like Garth Brooks.reggaeShe likes ________ music like Bob Marley.folkHe likes ______ music such as Bob Dylan.lullabiesHer mom sang her _______ before she went to sleep at night. = a slow, quiet song sung to children to make them go to sleepgospelWe heard some _________ music at a church.windThe flute and clarinet are ________ instruments.brass instrumentsThe tuba and trumpet are _________ instruments.string instrumentsThe guitar and violin are ________ instruments.percussion instrumentsDrums are _________ instruments.upliftingThe music was really ________. = making you feel happier and more hopefulgood earHe has a ____________ for music. = (2 words) can learn or music easilytone deafShe is __________. (2 words) = can't hear the different musical notescarry a tuneHe can __________. (3 words) = can sing wellenergizesThat music really _________ me. = gives me a lot of energy.relaxingI need to listening to some _______ music. = something that is soft and calmdepressingSome classical music is _________. = makes you feel sad.singleThe singer just released a new _________. = an album with just one songgigsHer band sometimes plays _______ at local bars. = small performances by people who are not very famoustrackI love the first ________ on that album. = the songs on an albumplay it by earHe knows that song very well and can _________ . = (4 words) remember it well and do not need to look at music or lyrics

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