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IFSM201 Final Exam Review Chapters 9-16

unauthorized use
involves using a computer resource for unauthorized activities.
computer or cyber crime
includes any illegal act involving a computer.
systems determine whether or not the person attempting access is actually who he or she claims to be.
password-based systems
one of the biggest disadvantages is that passwords can be forgotten.
war driving
advocates of __ state that, unless individuals or businesses protect their access points, they are welcoming others to use them.
increasingly, USB security keys, also called USB security ___-USB flash drives that are inserted into a computer to grant access to a network, to supply Web site usernames and passwords, or to provide other security features - are being used.
biometric access
systems identify users by a particular unique bilogical characteristic.
is a type of scam that uses spoofed domain names to obtain personnel information for use in fraudulent.
repeated threats or other harrassment carried out online between adults is refferred to as
melissa has set up procedures so that every user using a computer connected to the network needs to enter his or her ___, which appears as asterisks on the screen as it is being entered.
one of the first items that melissa installed was a(n) ___, which checks all incoming and outgoing traffic and only allows authorized traffic to pass through.
intrusion prevention system (IPS)
melissa also decided to use an (n) ___, which continuously monitors and analyzes the traffic allowed to and from the network to detect possible attacks as they are occuring and block them.
unauthorized access
occurs whenever an individual gains access to a computer, network, file, or other resource without permission.
is a way of temporarily converting data into a form, known as a cipher, that cannot easily be understood in order to protect that data from being viewed by unauthorized people.
has the advantage of presenting material in multiple learning styles.
web site
after the objectives, intended audience, and basic content to be included in a ___ have been determined, the structure and layout of the site can be designed.
multimedia refers to web sites containing more than one type of media-typically sound, video, or animation, in addition to text and images.
the ___ format is commonly used with scanned images.
although broadband internet use is becoming the norm, there are still individuals using __ internet connections.
users should be able to get to most pages on a web site within __ mouse clicks.
images are available in many formats, us as TIF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, and ___.
with a streaming audio file, only small portion of the audio file is initially downloaded and ___, and then the audio file can begin playing while the remainder of the file downloads simultaneously.
is a video format developed by microsoft for use with window media player.
site maps
are table of contents pages that contain links to all main pages on the sites.
when a markup language is used, markup ___ are inserted around the web page content to identify where elements are to be displayed and how they should look when displayed.
web site development
once a web site has been carefully designed, it is time to create it. this process is called ___.
adobe dreamweaver
some of the most popular web site authoring programs are microsoft expression web and ___.
in the "about us" section of the web site, the doctor wants to include a photo of her office. she should save this image in the ___ format.
once andrea has recorded her music in an audio file, she would need to use a ___ method to reduce the size of the file before making it available through her web site.
one of the first steps in designing a multimedia application or web sit should be determining the primary objectives of the site and the intended ___.
for long web pages, you can include a(n) ___ at the top of the page that allows users to jump to a particular section of the document.
The newest version of HTML under development is ___ and is designed to replace the current versions of HTML and XHTML.
credit card
although some people are hesitant to send their ___ over the internet, it is by far the most common payment method used for online purchases.
web sites can be designed and developed in-house; instead, businesses have to outsource these tasks to a professional web development company.
storefront software
is available in both installed and web-based versions.
performed via a mobile phone or other mobile device is referred to as ___.
of a site refers to advertising its existence, purpose, and URL.
e-commerce system
the collection of hardware, software, people, policies, and strategies used to perform and support e-commerce is referred to as a(n) ___.
online stores
because of the low overhead costs associated with ___, new e-commerce businesses can enter the marketplace relatively inexpensively.
business sell products and services to local, state, federal goverment buyers.
some ___ (VOD) services (like Netflix) offer monthly subscriptions for ulimited movie rental downloads.
___ (owned by ebay) is an online payment service that allows individuals to transfer money easily from their online payment account to someone else's.
site-specific digital wallets
___ store checkout information in the customer's account for use with purchases on that site only.
to reassure customers, all e-commerce sites should develop and display a ___ policy stating how collected customer information will be used.
meta tags
___ are special HTML or XHTML codes that provide information about a Web page and that are inserted into a webpage's code at the time the page is created.
the goal of ___ is for our web site to be listed as close as possible to the top of the search result hits that are displayed when an individual performs a web search using keywords related to your site or business.
coupon codes
digital coupon consist of codes-typically called ___ that are entered into the appropiate location on a checkout page to deduct the coupon amount from a purchase total.
merchant account
each time an online credit card transaction is made, the bank obtains the money from the issuing credit card company and tranfers it to the ___.
secure web server
secure web sites use ___ to safely transfer sensitive data over the internet.
are typically interactive and provide information on demand whenever a decision needs to be made.
large integrated system that ties together all of a business's activities.
expert systems
some ___ are designed to take the place of human experts, while others are designed to assist them.
data warehouse
A(n) ___ typically stores data for an entire enterprise.
geographic information system
A(n) ___ (GIS) is an information system that combines geographic information (such as maps and topology and terrain data) with other types of data in order to provide a better understanding of the relationships among the data.
system development
can take place in-house or it can be outsourced to external companies.
IT jobs
according to the bureau of labor statistics, two of the top five projected fastest growing careers in the united states through 2016 are __.
application programmers
A(n) ___ codes system software, fine-tunes operating system performance, and performs other systems software-related tasks.
information system
A(n) ___ is a collection of elements (people, hardware, software, and data) and procedures that interact to generate information needed by the users in an organization.
business intelligence
is the process of gathering, storing, accessing, and analyzing data about a company in order to make better business decisions.
managers are usually classified into three categories: executive, ___, and operational.
collaborative (workgroup) computing
the various types of communications systems in place in many organizations include e-mail, messaging, online conferencing, ___, and telecommuting.
an inventory management system that goes beyond just inventory to act as a complete distribution system is referred to as a ___ management system (WMS).
neural networks
artificial intelligence systems that attempt to imitate the way a human brain works are called ___.
preliminary investigation
when a proposal for a new system or system modification is submitted, one of the first steps is to conduct a ___.
inter enterprise
systems that link and are used by multiple enterprises-such as a business and its suppliers and other business paartners- are often called ___ systems.
decision tree
when the data in a decision table is expressed in a tree format, it is called a (n)___.
class diagrams
describe the types of objects in a system and list the class name, as well as the attributes and methods used with that class.
if an application is going to need to interact with existing programs, it will likely be coded in the same ___ as those other programs.
the property that makes 4GLs easier to use is that they are ___, rather than th procedural third-generation languages.
in a(n) ___program, variables can be accessed and their value changed from any module in the program, as appropriate.
program coding
is the process of writing the actual program steps in the proper format for a particular programming language.
run time
errors are notice after all syntax errors are corrected an the program can be executed.
although there is no precise definition of ___, they are even further from machine language than fourth-generation languages, and, therefore, are much easier to use.
much of the coding in a ___ programming language consists of mouse clicks to select instructions and issue commands to the program.
programming focuses on the step-by-step instructions that tell the computer what to do to solve a problem.
in a computer program, ___ are named memory locations that are defined for that particular program and are used to store the current value of data items used in the program.
control structure
a ___ is used to illustrate when, how, and in what order the statements in a computer program, module, or method are performed.
do until structure
with the ___, the instructions in the loop are repeated as long as a certain condition is false.
infinite loop
a(n) ___ occurs when a do while condition never becomes false or a do until condition never becomes true.
a(n) ___ is designed for a specific programming language and translates programs written in that language in to machine language so it can be executed.
logic error
programmers often use temporary dummy print statements - print statement that are temporarily inserted into the code- to help locate a ___.
beta tests
programs created for mass distribution often have two stages of testing: an internal onsite test and one or more rounds of outside tests (called ___).
application lifecycle management
(ALM) is a broad term to describe creating and managing an application throughout its entire lifecycle-from design through testing.
Java is currently on the most popular programming languages and has replaced ___ as the programming language used for the computer science Advanced Placement exam taken by high school students to earn college credit.
unified modeling language
(UML) is a set of standard notations that is widely used for modeling object-oriented programs.
at the end of the preliminary debugging process, the original programmer-or, preferably, someone else-runs the program with extensive ___ data to try to find any additional errors remaining in the program.
common business oriented language is a structured programming language designed for business transaction processing.
data integrity
in some systems, ___ is enforced on a per transaction basis.
data organization
arranging data for efficient retrieval is called___.
hashing procedures usually result in two or more records being assigned the same storage address, an event known as a ___.
IBM's DB2 9
program contains a hybrid XML/relational database server.
one advantage of the ___ architecture is that it allows the program code used to access the database to be separate from the database, and the code can be divided into any number of logical components.
centralized DBMS
in determining the location where specific data is to be stored in a(n) ___, factors such as communications cost, response time, storage cost, and security are key considerations.
objects stored in an ___ can be retrieved using queries, such as with a(n) object query language (OQL)-an object-oriented version of SQL,
a field is also called ___.
a ___ holds a single category of data (such as customer names or employee telephone numbers) that will be stored in a database.
a record is also called a ___.
input mask
one of the properties that can be assigned to a field is a(n) ___ to specify the format (such as letters, numbers, or symbols) that must be entered into a field.
data privacy
___ is a growing concern because of the vast amounts of personal data stored in databases today and the many breaches that have occurred in the recent past.
direct organization
with ___, the computer uses each record's primary key field and a mathematical formula called hashing algorithm to determine a unique address that identifies where the record is physically stored in the database file.
prime number
one of the simplest hashing algorithms involves dividing the primary key field by a particular ___.
front end
in a typical client-server database application, the client is called the ___.
if a new database is to be used with existing data, the data needs to be transferred from its existing form into the new system-a process called ___.
web-based database requests are received by the web server, which then converts the request into a database query and passes it on to the database server with the help of software called ___.
a database typically consists of interrelated ___ consisting of fields and records.
primary key
a(n) ___ is a specific field in a database table that uniquely identifies the records in that table.
system failure
___ can occur because of a hardware problem, software problem, or a computer virus.
online records
in response to the increased occurrence of identity theft, some local governments have removed birth and death information from their available ___.
at the present time, ___ procedures are confusing and time consuming, and they do not always work well.
a growing illegal use of computer monitoring software is the use of a keystroke logging system by ___.
hardware theft
one the most obvious types of hardware is ___.
to comply with truth-in-advertising laws, a(n) ___ e-mail address included in a unsolicited e-mail must be working address.
research databases
___ are used for marketing purposes, such as sending advertisements that fit each individual's interests or trying to sign people up over the phone for some type of service.
___ met with significant objection to its Beacon advertising service. Beacon introduced in late 2007, was designed to track members' web purchases and other web activities on more than 40 partner sites and share those purchases and activities with the user's friends.
electronic profiling
collecting in-depth information about an individual is known ___.
opting out
by ___, you instruct companies you do business with that they cannot share your personal data with third parties.
antispyware software
___ programs can be used to detect and remove some types of illegal computer monitoring and spyware software.
by ___ businesses and consumers about the legal use of software and the possible negative consequences associate with breaking antipiracy laws, the industry hopes to reduce the known use of illegal software significantly.
face recognition
law enforcement agencies contend that ___ systems and public video surveillance are no different than the many private video surveillance systems in place today.
surge suppressors
a device that protects a computer system from damage due to electrical failure.
our networked society has raised a number of ___ concerns.
video surveillance
___ is the use of video cameras to monitor activities of individuals, such as employees or individuals in public locations, for work-related or crime prevention purposes.
___ procedures, such as making copies of important documents and storing them in a safe location, also apply to important nonelectronic documents in your life, such as birth certificates, tax returns, passports, and so forth.
the ___ recently began pursuing civil litigation against movie pirates.
whistle blowers
employees who reveal wrong doing within an organization to the public or to authorities are referred to as ___.
the ___, such as the ones surronding executives at enron, tyco international, and worldcom, involved lies, fraud, deception, and other illegal and unethical behavior.
in some countries, ___ copies of music, cds, and movie dvds are sold openly.
braille printers
___ print embossed output in braille format on paper.
___ is registering a domain name that is similar to a trademark or domain name but that is slightly misspelled in hopes that individuals will accidently arrive at the site when trying to type the URL of the legitimate site.
digital copy
is new option for taking your legally purchased movies with you on your computer or portable digital media player.
document holders
people who refer to written documents while working on their PCs should use ___ to keep their documents close to their monitors.
a(n) is a form of protection available to the creator of an original artistic or literary work, such as a book, movie, software program, musical composition, or painting.
___ is a specialized agency of the united nations and attempts to resolve international commerical disputes about intellectual property between private parties.
a ___ protects inventions by granting exclusive rights of an invention to its inventor for a period of 20 years.
IP address
to catch people who are sharing movies illegally on the internet, the MPAA uses special software that monitors file sharing networks to find copyrighted movies and the identifies the responsible individual by using ___ of the computer being used to share the movie.
e-mail hoaxes
in additon to being annoying and a waste of time, ___ bog(s) down e-mail systems and clog user's inboxes.
a conditiion known as carpal tunnel syndrome has been linked to the repetitive finger movements made when using a keyboard.
stiff neck
to prevent sore or ___, place the monitor directly in front of you.
screen reader software
___ is an example of assistive output devices.
to combat his ___, Jack's doctor advised him to use a lower screen resolution
in order to prevent other from stealing her logo, jill should get a ___.
to help identify and prosecute a "cammer" most movie studios now embed invisible ___ in each print released to a theater.