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  1. Tupac Amaru
  2. Sahel
  3. Bantu migration
  4. caliphate
  5. Muhammad
  1. a born in mecca, prophet of Islam,
  2. b a strip of land that divides the desert from wetter areas ...
  3. c temporal leader of the Islamic community.. political religious state that encompassed the Muslim community
  4. d Is the movement of Bantu speaking people to Africa
  5. e the last indigenous leader of the inca state in peru / executed

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  1. Mexico city named used when it was the capital of the Aztec empire
  2. important trade center in Mali ... part of the Mali empire/ center of Islamic learning
  3. wealthy/ rituals/terrorist defeated by the Indians .. they mastered farming and bulding trapizoid doors/windows .. and grew potatoes
  4. built temples and pyramids/ carved large shapes of armed warriors.... warlike people ... worshiped a fierce god who demanded blood and human sacrifice
  5. the largest tradition of slam .

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  1. NazcaMesoamerica/ made from city states that were independent from each other / stretched from south Mexico to north central America


  2. Huitzilopochtliwas the Aztec god of the Sun and the war.


  3. Qua ranmarks the first date on the official calendar of Islam ... Muhammad's emigration with his followers from mecca to Medina


  4. Macchu PiccuMai's most famous Ruler " ruler of Mali"


  5. Ibn BattutaMai's most famous Ruler " ruler of Mali"