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  1. Bantu migration
  2. Nazca
  3. Sunnis
  4. Mississippi culture
  5. Muhammad
  1. a the largest tradition of slam .
  2. b Andean civilization culture flourished along the southern coast of Peru... developed extensive irrigation systems including underground canals..... also known for beautiful textiles and pottery
  3. c was a mound-building .. began in the ms river
  4. d Is the movement of Bantu speaking people to Africa
  5. e born in mecca, prophet of Islam,

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  1. religious group/Muslims/partisans of Ali /2nd largest tradition of Islam
  2. the last indigenous leader of the inca state in peru / executed
  3. wealthy/ rituals/terrorist defeated by the Indians .. they mastered farming and bulding trapizoid doors/windows .. and grew potatoes
  4. Bridge or tunnel spanning between Chukka and peninsula - linking Asia and north America
  5. temporal leader of the Islamic community.. political religious state that encompassed the Muslim community

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  1. Ibn BattutaMai's most famous Ruler " ruler of Mali"


  2. Swahili coastcoastal area of east Africa inhabited by the Swahili people / mixed of African-Arabian


  3. H jirais Arabic for "struggle, effort, to strive, to exert, to fight," understood as "holy war"


  4. Toltec soldest civilization in the American/mesoamerica .... builders, mesoamericans , engaged in fishing and hunting


  5. Huitzilopochtlion the first civilizations to appear on the African continent emerged in the Nile river valley . "hermit kingdom" home of Prester John