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CIS 110 Exam Review - Set 2

CIS 110 MS Office 2010 exam review set 2
Excel 2000 can best be described as ___ software.
numeric calculations
An electronic spreadsheet uses a computer to perform ___.
creating charts, quickly calculating results, performing a what-if-analysis
Excel can be used to accomplish such activities as:
Excel has the capability of automatically ___ results.
New Excel worksheets can be created from ___ ones.
The document you produce when you use Excel is a ___.
A decision-making feature of Excel is a ___.
creating charts, sharing information, what-if-analysis
Examples of Excel's versatility are:
organize data, analyze data, represent values visually
Spreadsheets are commonly used in business to:
numbers, text, or formulas
A cell can contain ___, ___, and ___.
Excel groups worksheets together and calls them a ___.
the coordinates of the intersecting columns and rows
The cell address is identified by ___.
When a cell contains both text and numbers, Excel recognizes the entry as a ___.
to identify data in rows, to identify the data in columns, to make the worksheet more understandable
Labels are used in a worksheet to:
informating using a question and answer format and tips indicated by a light bulb you can click
The Office Assistant provides ___ and ___.
rows and columns of data
A spreadsheet is ___.
A group of adjacent cells from a row or column is a ___.
mathematical statements used to calculate values
Formulas are ___.
The formula =56+35 will produce the result ___.
the column is too narrow to display the numerical contents of the cell
If #### is displayed in a cell ____.
To produce commonly performed calculations, Excel contains built-in ___.
rows or columns
In an Excel spreadsheet, it is possible to insert or delete ___ or ___.
You use the ___ function to calculate the minimum or smallest value in a selected range.
You use the ___ function to calculate the maximum or largest value in a selected range.
equal (=)
Functions such as MIN, MAX, and AVERAGE are preceded by an ___ sign and the argument includes a range.
Access 2000 can best be described as ___ software.
The smallest piece of information in a database is called a ___ or category of information.
A group of related fields such as all the demographic information for one customer is called a ___.
A collection of records for a single subject, such as all of the customer records, is called a ___.
Tables, queries, and modules are examples of Access ___.
The term ___ database comes from the fact that two or more tables are linked by a common field.
The Access object that contains all of the raw data within the database is the ___.
The Access object which provides an easy-to-use data entry screen is the ___.
A ___ is a collection of information associated with a topic such as sales.
purpose, meaningful title
The first step to planning a database is to determine the ___ and give it a ___.
a library card catalog, a list of students attending SLCHS, a list of addresses
Examples of databases could include:
currently selected
An active field is the ___ field.
drag it to the new location
The best way to reposition a field within a form is to ___.
___ View allows you to add, delete, or modify the fields in a table.
changing the data already stored in a record to reflect changes
"Updating" a record is defined as ___.
Entry bar
As data is entered into a field from the keyboard, it is displayed on the ___.
A ___ is a selected group of information extracted from a database, usually printed.
A calculation field stores a ___.
match the query criteria are displayed
After a query is applied to a database only those records that ___.
the order of the records is changed based on the values specified
When a database is sorted the order of the records is ___.
If the number 50 were entered in a field formatted with currency and two decimal places, Access would display the number as ___.
to determine how fields should appear when printed, to exclude unnecessary information, to make the report easier to read
Reasons for carefully planning a report before creating it include:
intersection of the column and the row
On a report screen, a cell is the ___.
If 4500 were entered in a field formatted for commas with three decimal places, Acces would display the number as ___.
In Navigation mode, press [Tab] or ___ to move to the next field within the same record.
PowerPoint 2000 can best be described as ___ software.
35 mm slides, transparency masters, on-screen presentations, outline pages
PowerPoint can help you create all of the following:
slide view, notes page view, outline view
PowerPoint views include:
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect
With PowerPoint, you can import information from spreadsheet, database, and word-processing files prepared in programs such as:
the purpose of the presentation; the type of output that best conveys your message; a look for your presentation that will help communicate your message; the message you want to communicate, then give the presentation a meaningful title; additional materials will be usefull in the presentation
In planning a presentation, it is important to determine:
AutoContent Wizard
The quickest way to create a presentation is by using the ___.
creates a title slide with sample text for the presentation category you choose
The AutoContent Wizard ___.
opens a new slide dialog box allowing you to choose a predesigned slide layout
The Blank Presentation option in the PowerPoint startup dialog box ___.
keep message focused, do not put everything you are going to say on your presentation slides; choose attractive colors that make the slide easy to read; choose font styles that are easy to read and emphasize important text
When you evaluate your presentation, you should make sure it follows the following criteria:
the purpose of the presentation, what you want to produce when the presentation is finished, what type of output you will need to best convey your message
Guidelines for planning a presentation include determining:
The ___ will not identify "there" as being misspelled if the correct word for the context is "their".
notes for the speaker, handouts for the audience
Supplementary materials for your presentation could include:
PowerPoint comes with 44 prepared ___ templates that have borders, colors, text attributes, and other elements arranged in a variety of formats.
sound and animation
Animation effects let you add ___ and ___ to a PowerPoint presentation.
To show a PowerPoint slide show, your computer needs to have either PowerPoint or the PowerPoint ___.
picture, a graph, and a clip art image
The most common visuals to enhance a presentation are a ___, a ___, and a ___.
Clip art is stored in a file index system called a ___.
clip art
PowerPoint has over 1000 professionally designed images you can place in your presentation called ___.
A graph object is made up of a database and a ___.
area, bar, pie
Types of PowerPoint Graph charts include ___, ___, ___.
a background design, a color scheme, text placeholders
PowerPoint's design templates contain:
one at a time
Slide Show view flls your computer screen with the slides of your presentation displaying them ___.
discuss the material on each slide
Setting the right slide timing is important because it determines the amount of time you have to ___.
determine the location and audience
Before creating a presentation, you should ___.
free up computer memory for other uses, close the PowerPoint program and return to the windows desktop
When you exit PowerPoint you: