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Chapter 22 Professional Fees, Billing and Coding

fill in wb vocab
account balance
Jesse has an ___ ____ of $464, which represents the total amount she owes after her insurance paid portion of her bill.
Mrs. Ramone has a _____ on her account for an overpayment, so the office manager sent her a check for that amount.
Robert's mother is the _____ of his bill, because she promised to pay the full amount for her son.
Juia had to _____ collections prceeding on several accounts last month, because the patients had not made payments as promised.
One of the tasks Pamela enjoys is _____ payments that arrive in the mail to patients accounts.
credit cards
___ _____ are used more and more often for payments in the physicians office.
fiscal agent
An organization under contract to the government to handle insurance claims from providers is called a ____ ____.
Mrs. Richland called the office to get her balance on her ________.
Professional Courtesy
The office staff has been debating wheter they should continue to offer ____ ______ to other healthcare providers and their staff members.
A business ______, which is any exchange or tranfer of goods, services, or funds, must always be recorded.
Anna made several__________ for various bills that were due last week.
Dr. Taylor's fee ______ is a compilation of the fees he has charges over the past fiscal year.
medical indigent
The Peete family was considered ____ _____, because they could not afford medical care even though thet were able to pay basic living expenses.
Deb sometime confuses a credit with a _____, which is a dedustion from a revenue, net worth, or liability account.
Jessica totaled the _____ for the day, which came from patient and insurance payments.
Third Party Payer
State Farm is considered a ___ ____ ____, because Bethany'sinjuries were sustained in a car accident and State Farm will pay her medical bills.
Dr. Martin reviewed his fee ____, which is a compliation of pre-established fee allowances for given services or procedures.
The balances due to a creditor on an annount are called _______.
Pegboard system
The Blackburn Clinic uses a computer to determine patient account balances, but June remembers when they used a manual _____ _____.
When Madelyn recieved the denial from Mr. Paul's insurance company, she wondered if he had paid his ______.