TCC Federal Government Chapters 6-8

How does the U.S. media specifically socialize audiences?
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Of the following, which does the textbook identify as the most prominent agents of political socialization?family and schoolOrganizations who want faster results than scientific polling can provide make use of ____________________.instantAccording to the text, partisan differences in values have ____________.widenedA U.S. Senator who votes to legalize marijuana (in line with what voters in their district want) is said to be practicing which theory?delegate representationRegarding policy decisions, what areas are attempting to be balanced?rights and libertiesHow often do politicians use public opinion polls to guide their decisions and actions?alwaysWhich of these groups was the last to win the right to vote in the United States? (7)18-year-oldsA party convention involves a gathering of __________ who nominate the party's presidential candidate.delegatesThe stance of the political party is called theirplatformIncumbent presidents seeking reelection have an advantage over challengers because __________.they can raise money more easilyIf a state legislature wants to submit a proposed law or constitutional amendment to the voters for their approval, they would use which of the following procedures?initiativesWhen the voters get fed up with candidate ads and decide not to vote at all, it's calleda normal responseWhen the ballot is so long that the voter loses interest and stops, it calledballot fatigueWhy is winning the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary important for a presidential campaign?Winning in these early states builds momentum.Straight-ticket voting isvoting completely for one party in all electionsWhen the presidential popularity aids his party members during an off-year election to when, they are said to beriding his coattailsHow does a party nominate a presidential candidate?The party caucus/primary selects delegates for the party convention.During most presidential elections among the individual stateswhichever candidate wins the popular vote will win all the of the electoral votes.How does the Electoral College affect the American electoral system?It discourages third-party candidacies.How does the primary process affect the positions of the various candidates for elective office?It makes them more ideologically extreme.Congressional elections held in years when the president is not on the ballot are generally known asmidterm electionsWhen media coverage predisposes the viewer or reader to a particular perspective on asubject or issue, which of the following is occurring?primingHoward Dean was the first major candidate to __________.use the Internet to raise fundsIf a newspaper article focuses on something like unemployment and outsourcing of jobs,it is engaging in __________.primingThe Radio Act of 1927 was the first attempt by Congress to regulate broadcast media.Truemore likely to get their news from media; televisionSoft news is more prevalent in ________.televisionLaws against libel and slander protect people from ______________.intentional damageWhich president is known for harnessing the power of radio to reach citizens?Franklin RooseveltRadio broadcasters must ___________. This is not the case for newspapers licensedFor media, the late 1700s were known as the press era