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Why do we use the off-center vision method at night?
Because of a blind spot that exists durring low illumination
How is the off-center vision method done?
It is done by viewing 6-10 Degrees above, below or to the side of the object you want to look at.
Why is the scanning method helpful?
Overcomes many physiological limitations of eyes
Reduces confusing visual illusions
How is the Strip method used?
Starting close to you look from side to side in a zig zag pattern continue till enitre field of view has been searched.
What factors decrease night vision?
fatigue, lack of o2, long exposure to sunlight, alcohol, nicotine in pass 48 hours, and age.
What are some techniques that enhance hearing?
opening mouth, removing helmet, holding ear to ground.
What is a SALUTE report for?
An acronym used to remember what information to report about an enemy.
What does S in SALUTE stand for?
Size or strength
What does A in SALUTE stand for?
Activity or actions
What does L in SALUTE stand for?
Location and direction of movement
What does U in SALUTE stand for?
Unit identification
What does T in SALUTE stand for?
Time of observation
What does E in SALUTE stand for?
Equipment and weapons
What are the 5 Paragraphs of the operations order?
Administration and logistics
Command and signal
What is in the Situation Paragraph?
Friendly forces
Attachments and Detachments
What is in the Mission Paragraph?
A clear, concise statement of the task that the patrol must accomplish.
What is in the Execution Paragraph?
Concept of operations, Task organization of patrol, movement to and from obj., actions in obj. area, use of supporting forces, subordinate tasks, coordination instructions, time of assembly, time of inspections and rehersals, time of dep and return, prim/alt routes, Rally points
What is in the Administration/Logistics Paragraph?
Info pertaining to rations, ammunition, location of distribution points, corpsman and aid stations, handling of pows, other admin and supply matters.
What is in the Command and Signal Paragraph?
Comm signals, passwords, callsigns, Freq's emergency signals, Rad procedures, pyro, loc of patrol leader, location of ast. patrol leader, location of sub leaders.
How deep should a individual fighting position hole be?
at least 4 ft to the fire step.
What is APL (armor protection level) 0.
No body armor worn
What is APL (armor protection level) 1.
Vest with soft armor only
What is APL (armor protection level) 2.
Vest with front and back plates
What is APL (armor protection level) 3.
Vest with front, back, and side plates