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On an expressway the move over law requires drivers to
A Make a lane change at entrances
B Move one lane away from the incident or parked emergency vehicle
C Slow down and proceed with caution if unable to lane change away from incident/parked emergency vehicle
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If you choose to leave the road to avoid a hazard or emergency, you should keep in mind that
A It is more dangerous to drive onto the shoulder than to risk a crash
B You may be unable to re-enter the road because of shoulder conditions
C Most shoulders are not strong enough to support the weight of a large vehicles
When you are behind a school bus that has stopped outside city limits when its red flashers are on you must stop how far from the bus? __________20 feetA motorcycles smaller size makes it difficult for vehicle drivers to judge a motorcycles A Size B Stopping distance C Speed and distanceC Speed and distanceYou should stay out of the open space to the right of a tractor-trailer truck because trucks make _________Wide right turnsYou should allow more space in front of your vehicle when following large trucks because A You need extra room to see around the truck B You get better gas milage C The truck might lose some of its cargoA You need extra room to see around the truckwhen driving behind a large slow moving vehicle on a rural road you should leave enough space so that it doesn't block you view of potential dangers. True or FalseTrueLarge trucks turning right onto a street with two lanes in each direction always have to use part of the left lane to complete a turn. True or FalseTrueIf you enter an expressway ramp that you do not want, you should continue on the expressway and use the next exit. True or FalseTrueWhen driving in the far right lane of an expressway, you should expect merging vehicles at entrance ramps. True or FalseTrueOther drivers are not making room for you to merge onto a freeway with heavy traffic. If necessary, you may stop if absolutely necessary, and wait for a large gap in traffic before merging with the expressway traffic. True or FalseTrueYou should increase your following distance if the vehicle infront of you is A Slowing down B Large C SpeedingB LargeWhen approaching loose gravel on the road you should _________ speed before the gravel A Increase B Reduce C MaintainB ReduceYou are driving in steady rain a good indicator that _________ can occur is when the vehicle infront of you creates water splashesA Skidding B Hydroplaning C Power slideThe best way to prevent skidding on a slippery road surface is to A Reduce speed and brake quickly B Steer and brake smoothly and gradually C Speed up and drive on the shoulderB Steer and brake smoothly and graduallyTo slow or stop gradually on ice use _________ on the brakes A Light and steady pressure B Heavy pressure C Both B and CA Light and steady pressureIn a skid you lose control of your vehicles _________ and _________Speed directionIf your vehicle begins to lose traction you should slowly and gradually _________ the brakesApplyThe loss of traction most difficult to identify quickly is A Hydroplaning B Front wheel skidding C Rear wheel skiddingA HydroplaningWhat is black iceIce you cant seeIn a front wheel power skid which tires spin when you accelerate A Front B Rear C All fourA FrontIf you have a tire blow out you should first A Hit the brakes B Speed up C Grip the steering wheel firmlyC Grip the steering wheel firmlyThe best way to control consequences if you cannot avoid a collision is to control braking and steer so you will collide A At an angle with the object B Head on C With a tree on the side of the roadA At an angle with the object_________ is a term that describes the area of the vehicle that is engineered to absorb energy in a crash A The impact zone B A pillar C The crumple zoneC The crumple zoneIf an emergency vehicle is approaching heavy traffic if possible you should move to the right edge of the road and stop. True or FalseTrueConstruction vehicles around construction zones are usually A Large and slow moving B Small and quiet C Noisy and fast moving D Marked with red and white stripesA Large and slow movingmost cold medications can make a person _________ while driving A Drowsy B Happy C ExcitedA DrowsyImplied consent laws are designed to penalize drivers for refusal to A Take a breath or blood alcohol concentration test B Take the state final C Take their road testA Take a breath or blood alcohol concentration testIf the driver ahead of you is distracted, you should A Stay the same distance B Maintain a safe following distance C Honk your hornB Maintain a safe following distanceThe best time to address distractions that can affect driving is A After driving begins B Before driving begins C When driving beginsB Before driving beginsStrong emotions can cause you to fix your attention on one event. True or FasleTrueA sign of drowsy driving is you do not remember driving the last few miles. True or FalseTrueIn a front wheel skid your A Vehicle skids when you brake B Vehicle tends to turn to the inside of the curve C Vehicle moves straight forward in spite of steering inputC Vehicle moves straight forward in spite of steering inputIf you double the speed of your vehicle, you _________ the energy in a crash. A Quadruple B Triple C DoubleA QuadrupleYour most important decisions will involve how to manage available time and space and _________ risk. A Prevent B Minimize C EliminateB MinimizeThe vehicle safety technology that compares where a driver is steering the vehicle with where the vehicle is actually going is called A Traction control B Anti-lock brakes C Electronic stability programC Electronic stability programIf you must stop suddenly and your vehicle is not equipped with ABS, you should: A Pivot your foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal and press brake until wheels B Pump the brakes rapidly C Pivot your foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal and press firmly stopping just short of locking wheelsC Pivot your foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal and press firmly stopping just short of locking wheelsIn a rear wheel skid your A Vehicles rear tires are locked B Vehicle will go straight through a curve C Vehicle moves sideways without any additional steering inputC Vehicle moves sideways without any additional steering inputIf a driver is about to be struck from the rear by another vehicle, you should A Apply the parking brake B Accelerate quickly C Be ready to apply the brakes so as not to be pushed into another vehicleC Be ready to apply the brakes so as not to be pushed into another vehicle