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An X-ray determines that peter fractured the shaft of his humerus. The break is in the __________ of the bone.


The cubital or elbow joint is an example of a ___________ joint.


An example of a symphsis is the _______

Intervertebral joint

A connective tissue sheath around cartilage is the __________


You would look for concentric lamellae on __________

the outer surface of compact bone tissues.

What chemical causes an increase in the blood calcium level?

Parathyroid hormone

The joint between the teeth and the mandibular alveolus is an example of a ___________.


Which joint is the most movable?


What type of tissue covers the ends of long bones?


The function of a bursa is to ___________

provide a fluid filled cushion.

Rotating the forearm so that the palm faces posteriorly is called _________


Most of the joints in the appendicular skeleton are _____ joints.


The thick fibrocartilage disks found in the knee joint are called __________


When two bones grow together across a joint to form a single bone, this is called a ________


The sequence of events that produces growth at the epiphyseal plate is _________.

proliferation, hypertrophy, calcification, cell death, ossification & remodeling

Cartilaginous Joints unite ______________

two bones by means of fibrocartilage or hyaline cartilage.

The glenoid labrum is part of the _____ joint while the acetabular labrum is part of the _______ joint.

shoulder, hip

Haversian systems or osteons are the _____

basic units in the compact bone tissue.

These are blood vessels that carry blood from the medullary cavity & periosteum to the osteon & run perpendicular to the long axis of the bone.

Volkmann's canals

What strengthens the attachment of the tendons or ligaments to bone?

Sharpey's Fibers

The type of cartilage associated with bone function and development is _____

hyaline cartilage

A band of connective tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone is a _______


Cancellous bone tissue contains ________


Important functions of the skeletal system include _____________

protection of the brain and soft organs.

A synchondrosis may be ____________


Name the four major stages in a simple fracture repair.

1. Hematoma forms
2. Fibrocartilagenous callus forms
3. Bony Callus Forms
4. Bone remodeling occurs

Name the pericardium job

acts like a girdle to resist outward expansion when cartilage is compressed.

Name 3 types of cartilage.


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