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What is the automated family of systems used for wing-level deployments and contingency operations?
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CDF manning includes: In-Check, Marshalling, JI, Quality Controllers, Controllers, Manifesting, Final Load Planner & _____.Load Teams & Ramp CoordinatorWhich of the following is not an equipment requirement of the CDF?SIPRNETWhat is the orderly assembly of cargo in load plan sequence by chalk for preparation of a JI?MarshallingWhat is the final inspection with the owning unit before the load is accepted?Joint Inspection (JI)A key responsibility of the _____ is to advise commanders when personnel selected for deployment are ineligible to deploy?PDFOnce established, the PDF is mandated to fully staff what two stations?Deployment Eligibility & Medical ImmunizationsWhich of the following is not a station on the PDF?Security ForcesWhich of the following is not an equipment requirement of the PDF?Video SurveillanceHow are personnel processed for deployment?Mass or IndividuallyWhen _____ processing, personnel must be provided a deployment checklist to receive the same services as the PDF.IndividuallyThe ____ is responsible for all unit-level activities to include receipt of taskings and preparation of cargo/personnel.UDCCHow any UDMs will the UDCC staff include?2Which of the following is not an equipment requirement of the UDCC?10k ForkliftWho has overall responsibility to establish local deployment training and education programs?IDOWithin how many days will commanders receive initial training?90The DPWG is established for the _____ to sit with PDF/CDF representatives and UDMs to discuss deployment related issues.IDODPWG participants include: IDO, Log Plans, Air Terminal, Manpower/Personnel, Wing Plans, UDMs and:Others as requiredThe DPWG assists in formulation of installation deployment guidance and development of the:IDPThe DPWG is responsible for overseeing the IDS and DCAPES implantation.TrueWhat contains detailed guidance that reflects the installation's current deployment process?Installation Deployment Plan (IDPThe _____ through the IDP defines local processes, procedures, infrastructure, and resources used to deploy forces.Host Installation/ Wing CCAt a minimum, how often is the IDP revised?Every 4 yearsWorst case scenario is the installation's _____ simultaneous deployable capability?MaximumWho reviews OPLANs, DOC statements, TPFDDs, and home station mission requirements when determining worst case scenarios?IDOHow often will the IDO brief the installation's worst case scenario to senior leadership?AnnuallyWhen is the maximum simultaneous deployment capability provided to IPE and the Civil Engineer Squadron?NLT 1 JanWho ensures IPE and deployment bags are authorized, on hand, and ready for deployment?IDOHow often will the IDO determine small arms/weapons requirements?AnnuallyThe IDO, in coordination with the _____, will determine the authorized quantities of ammunition.Munitions Accountable Systems Officer (MASO)What is the ability to track the identity, status, and location of units, cargo, and passengers?In-Transit Visibility (ITV)What provides visibility of air, sea, and land transportation assests?Single Mobility System (SMS)Whos is responsible for preparation, execution of unit employment, and developing employment reception and bed-down?ADVON TeamThe ADVON team is comprised of airlift control element members deployed ______ to coordinate requirements.In advanceAggregation is a process which stages Airmen at the _____ with similar ALDs going to the same ______.POE; PODAggregated missions are the primary mode established to move Airmen into the CENTCOM area of responsibility.True____ is the process that transitions deploying forces arriving in theater to forces capable of meeting CCDR requirements.RSO&I (Reception, Staging, Onward Movement & Integration)The RSO&I process is applied to what levels of war?Strategic, Operational & TacticalWhat segment within the RSO&I is the process of moving forces from staging areas to other theater destinations?Onward MovementWhat segment within RSO&I involves the assembling and temporary holding of arriving personnel equipment, and material?StagingWhich RSO&I principle specifies that a single individual is responsible for overall coordination of RSO&I activities?Unity of CommandWhich RSO&I principle links deployed personnel, equipment, and material in a timely manner?SynchronizationThe supporting commander is responsible for transitioning arrival personnel, equipment and material into capable forces.FalseThe _____ provides overall direction & coordination of reception & bed-down of arriving personnel, equipment & material.Reception Control Center (RCC)What two functions does the RCC oversee?PIF & CRFThe _____ is responsible for tracking incoming forces and airlift.RCCThe RCC may operate in a dual role with the ______.DCCThe _______ manages the transportation needs of all arriving personnel.PIFWhat is an organized processing activity designed to ensure deploying personnel are eligible and properly accounted for?IPRWhat is comprised of individual/teams who assist the deployed commander in accomplishing 100% accountability?PERSCOWho established a holding area for collecting pallets, nets, dunnage, and RFID tags?CRFWhat is redeployment?Transfer of forces to another commander OR return of forces to home-station.What normally starts upon arrival at the deployed location or before the deployment?Redeployment PlanningWho is responsible for the collection of resources necessary to accomplish redeployment of personnel and cargo?Deployed Logistics PlannerWhere is a good source to keep a collection of deployment documents?Reception AreaThe logistics plans staff in the ____ is responsible for monitoring the TPFDD and coordinating AK moves.Contingency C2 Planning Team/CellWho builds, coordinates with redeploying units, and publishes the Redeployment Schedule of Events?Contingency C2 Planning SchedulerWho must identify and prepare their resources for redeployment?Unit Redeployment Work Center (URW)What is composed of functional experts to accomplish actions at the deployed location?RATWhich RAT representative works with equipment custodians to ensure all assets are accounted for?SupplyWhich RAT representative provides teams to tear down tent cities?Civil EngineeringWhich RAT representative runs accountability and processing of personnel to meet the departure aircraft times?Personnel/PERSCO