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what type of information must a protocol suite supply to be routable?

network layer adress

what field in an IP datagram can be used to indicate that a packet should be routed before any other packets?

differentiated services field

what happens to an IP datagram when its TTL reaches 1?

it is descarded by the connectivity device

for which of the following nodes would it make the most sense to assign a static, rather than dynamic, IP adress?

the router that accepts all internet traffic for a componys LAN

what is the function of ARP?

to obtain the MAC address to the hosts IP address

which of the following applications would be best suited to using UDP?

video transmission over the web

suppose you have a workstation that uses the IP address on a traditional IPv4 network. to what network class does the workstation belong?


how many bytes are uses for an IPv4 IP address?


suppose your computers IP address is, and your network administrator has not subnetted the network to which you're connected. what is your computers subnet mask?

suppose you send data to the 11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111 IP address on an IPv4 netowrk. To what device(s) are you transmitting?

all devices on your network segment

suppose you send data to an address that begins with the format prefix FF0E on a network running IPv6. to what device(s) are you transmitting?

all devices that are reachable

what is the main difference between BOOTP and DHCP?

BOOTP relies on a static tanle to associate IP addresses with MAC addresses whereas DHCP does not

if you are connected to a network that uses DHCP, and you need to terminate your windows vista workstation's DHCP lease, which of the following commands would you use?


at a minimum, what fields would you find in a hosts file?

IP adress and host name

what devices are the highest authorities in the domain name system hierarchy?

root servers

on a client/server network, what computer initiates the process ot assigning an IP address through DHCP?

the client

you issue a transmission from your workstation to the following socket address on your LAN: Assuming your network uses standard port designations, what application layer protocol are you using?


you are the network manager for a comuputer training center that allows clients to bring their own laptops to class for learning and taking notes. Clients need access to the internet, so you have configured your network's DHCP server to issue them IP addresses automatically. What DHCP option should you modify to make sure you are not wasting addresses that were used by clients who have completed a class and no longer need them?

the lease duration for client computers

you manage a server that allows university students to use telnet to make a connection then use FTP to upload their homework. Professors also pick up students' homework by telnetting to the computer and using FTP. You have decided to change the FTP port number on the server from its default number 23, for better security. Assuming students and professors make no changes to their default workstation configuration, what will be the result of this change?

students and professors will be unable to telnet to the server of Ftp files to or from the server

what method of transmission does a workstation use to send an ARP request?

a broadcast to all the nodes on its segment

if you want to determine only wheather the TCP/IP protocols are installed and functioning properly on your workstation, you could:

attempt to ping the loopback address

in class, you glance at yout neighbor's computer and notice that she has typed the following IP address in her browser's URL text box: What is she most likely attempting to do?

open a web page thats on her own computer

yu have just set up a new wireless network in your house, and you want to determine whether your linux laptop has connected to it and obtained a valid IP address. Which of the followong commands will allow you to find the information you need?


which of the following represents the loopback address in IPv6?


which of the following protocols assist in determining whether packets reached their destination?


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