Health - Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Quiz

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Which is a short-term effect of molestation?
low self-image
discomfort with intimacy
regressive behaviors
self-destructive behaviors
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Adrian plays on his school's basketball team and is being sexually harassed by some boys in the locker room at school. What should he do?
He should tell his coach or a teacher what is happening.
He should threaten the boys who are harassing him.
He should quit the team to avoid the harassment.
He should post about the harassment on social media.
Michelle is in an abusive marriage and is using the Internet to locate community resources. To best protect her safety while she is on the Internet, she should
look for resources in a different community.
clear the browser history or use private browsing.
post requests for information on community resources.
blog about her situation so others will know what is happening.
Mika and Olivia, both adults, have been exchanging smiles and texts. At first Olivia enjoyed it, but now Mika is sending descriptions of what he would like to do to her body. She has asked him to stop texting her, but he keeps sending the same types of texts.
Which behavior does the end of this scenario describe?
sexual assault
sexual harassment
Which is one characteristic that distinguishes flirting from sexual harassment?
With flirting, the actions are two-sided, but with sexual harassment the actions are one-sided.
With flirting, the recipient is dishonored, but with sexual harassment no one is dishonored.
With flirting, no one is respected, but with sexual harassment the recipient is respected.
With flirting, the recipient asks the other person to stop, but with sexual harassment the recipient encourages the offender.