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Some vocabulary from Henle Latin II, Unit 11, Lesson 38 and some rules and stuff.


1 intr. sail

ventus, ī

2m wind

praesum, praeesse, praefuī, praefutūrus w. dat

intr. am in command of, am in charge of

noceō, nocēre, nocuī, nocitūrus w. dat

2 intr. do harm to, injure

satis (adv.)

enough, sufficiently

satis (indecl. n w. gen.)


animus, ī

2m mind, soul

magnitūdinō, magnitūdinis

3 size, greatness

mare, maris (like n. of gravis)

3n sea

The perfect tenses are formed regularly by using the perfect participle passive with...

forms of the verb "sum".

Many intransitive verbs take a sole object in the...


Verbs of "calling", "electing", "considering as", and "showing oneself" take...

an accusative object and a predicate accusative (n. or adj.)

In the passive, the accusative object becomes the ? and the predicate accusative becomes the ?

1 = subject 2 = predicate nominative

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