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Healthcare is the prevention and treatment of illness


About 75 percent of healthcare establishments are hospitals

a public to a mixed healthcare system model

Wxyzab is a small country where the entire population has access to healthcare facilities owned and operated by the government, and funded by a tax on citizens. However, the current healthcare infrastructure does not have technologically advanced radiologic imaging facilities, and a commercial organization is allowed by the government to operate its own diagnostic imaging facilities, where patients have to pay for services out-of-pocket. This is an example of a transition of a healthcare system from:

Patient assessed value and efficiency are parameters of a framework to assess

Healthcare systems

Which of the statements about epidemiology is FALSE?

Epidemiology is a qualitative science built around concepts of probability and statistics


An interdisciplinary team is a group of individuals with diverse training and backgrounds who work independently to improve patient care

All of the above

Which of the following are components of the patient centered medical home?
Coordination of care
Emphasis on quality and safety
Enhanced access to care
All of the above


Health information technology allows a secure exchange of information between health care consumers and providers


Personal health records reduce the cost for healthcare organizations and providers.

all of the above

Which of the statements about clinical decision support are true?
provides reminders and alerts
check for interactions between drugs and
for inconsistencies between different docs
all of the above

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