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Normal Development and Dysfuction

Bowen Model

How well people are able to differentiate between Thinking (thougts) and Feeling (emotions). "Differentiation of Self"

Contextual Model

There is an imbalanced that has occured in terms of Fairness and peoples needs are not being met equals each individual family member may have the perception that things needs to be rebalanced again.

Object Relations Model

The negative aspects of the repressed interjectives early objects that are projected onto the spouse or children.

MRI, Brief Therapy Model (Palo Alto Model) -

Attempted solutions become the problem and how a family deals with that Vicious Cycle determines exactly how they are going to change.

Jay Haley and Cole Madanes Model

The inability to adjust to life cycle transition ("Family Life Cycles") and dysfunctional Hierarchies and Symptoms are maintained by the family unsussessful problem solving efforts.

Milan Systemic Model

The inability for family members to perceive the fact change is going to occure and to change the Perception so that change is seen and then able to be used.

Structural Model

Really looks at how inflexible family structures are not able to really shift according to the developmental challenges that require the family organizational shifts and Boundaries ten to be rigid or to disffused.

Experiential Model

Family cannot tolerate interpersonal rational stress, Role Rigidity, the Lack of Tolerance for Differences and the Non-Verbal messages that people react to in terms of dysfunctional communications working in the system.

Emotional Couples Therapy

Couples hide their actual emotions and exhibit defensive or cohesive emotions leading to negative interactions.

Solution Focused Model

Tries to make a shift of thinking problems and being problem focused and to looking at he Eceptions to how those times in which a problem does not exist and what causes a problem not to exist and how to maintain emphasizes that.

Narrative Model

How problems are internalized and viewed as part of the person and that all family members participate in the maintance of that problem and they are unable to distinguise between when that problem was actually a part of the family system and left.

Collaborative Language Model

Very similar to Narrative, adding the element athat Language is the main thing that helps to maintain problems.

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