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The​ center-of-gravity method is used primarily to determine what type of​ locations?
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The objective of layout strategy is​ to:develop an effective and efficient layout that will meet the​ firm's competitive requirements.A good layout requires​ determining:A. material handling equipment. B. cost of moving between various work areas. C. environment and aesthetics. D. capacity and space requirements. E. All of the above.Workspace can inspire informal and productive encounters if it balances what three physical and social​ aspects?​proximity, privacy, and permissionWhich of the following is NOT a retail layout​ practice?A. Locate the​ high-draw items around the periphery of the store. B. Distribute power items throughout the store. C. Use prominent locations for​ high-impulse and​ high-margin items. D. Use​ end-aisle locations to maximize product exposure. E. All of the above are retail layout practicesCross-docking refers to which of the following?Avoid placing materials or supplies in storage by processing them as they are received.Which of the following is NOT one of the factors complicating the techniques for addressing the​ fixed-position layout?Task times at workstations are dynamic.The major problem addressed by the​ process-oriented layout strategy​ is:minimizing difficulties caused by material flow varying with each product.Which of the following is NOT one of the requirements of cellular​ production?adequate volume for high equipment utilizationIf a layout problem is solved by use of​ heuristics, this means​ that:a​ satisfactory, but not necessarily​ optimal, solution is acceptable.Among which of the following industries are purchasing costs the LOWEST percentage of​ sales?restaurantsFor which corporate​ strategy(ies) should supply chain inventory be​ minimized?low cost and differentiation​Outsourcing:A. utilizes the efficiency that comes with specialization. B. transfers traditional internal activities to outside vendors. C. allows the outsourcing firm to focus on its key success factors. D. All of the above are true of outsourcing.Japanese manufacturers often pursue a strategy that is part​ collaboration, part purchasing from a few​ suppliers, and part vertical integration. What is this approach​ called?keiretsuWhen Daimler and BMW pooled resources to develop standardized auto​ components, the sourcing strategy could best be described by which of the​ following?joint ventureThe bullwhip​ effect:A. results in increasing fluctuations at each step of the sequence. B. occurs as orders are relayed from retailers to distributors to wholesalers to manufacturers. C. occurs because of distortions in information in the supply chain. D. increases the costs associated with inventory in the supply chain. E. All of the above are true.Which of the following is NOT a typical benefit of centralized​ purchasing?reduce lead timesWhich one of the following distribution systems offers speed and reliability when emergency supplies are needed​ overseas?airfreightWhat term describes a supply chain that is designed to optimize both forward and reverse​ flows?​closed-loop supply chainConsider a firm with an annual net income of​ $20 million, revenue of​ $60 million and cost of goods sold of​ $25 million. If the balance sheet amounts show​ $2 million of inventory and​ $500,000 of​ property, plant​ & equipment, what is the inventory​ turnover?12.50Which of the following statements regarding is​ FALSE?The company was founded​ as, and still​ is, a​ "virtual" retailer with no inventory.All EXCEPT which of the following statements about ABC analysis are​ true?ABC analysis suggests that all items require the same high degree of control.Which of the following is an element of inventory holding​ costs?All of the above are elements of inventory holding costs.Which of the following statements about the basic EOQ model is​ TRUE?All of the above statements are true.The proper quantity of safety stock is typically determined​ by:setting the level of safety stock so that a given stockout risk is not exceeded.Service level​ is:B and DA disadvantage of the​ fixed-period inventory system is​ that:since there is no count of inventory during the review​ period, a stockout is possible.Top executives tend to focus their attention on which type of​ forecasts?​long-rangeWhat is the typical time horizon for aggregate​ planning?3 to 18 monthsAggregate planning would entail which of the following production aspects at BMW for a​ 12-month period?total number of cars to produceWhich of the following aggregate planning strategies is known to lower employee​ morale?varying work force size by hiring or layoffsWhich of the following is NOT an advantage of level​ scheduling?matching production exactly with salesA firm uses graphical techniques in its aggregate planning efforts. Over the next twelve months​ (its intermediate​ period), it estimates the sum of demands to be​ 105,000 units. The firm has 250 production days per year. In​ January, which has 22 production​ days, demand is estimated to be​ 11,000 units. A graph of demand versus level production will show​ that:level production of 420 units per day is below the January requirement.Revenue​ (or yield) management is best described​ as:allocation of scarce resources to customers at prices that will maximize revenue.Which of the following statements regarding aggregate planning in services is​ FALSE?Level scheduling is far more common than using a chase strategy.Industries in which revenue management techniques are easiest to apply are those​ where:use tends to be​ predictable, and pricing tends to be variable.Demand for a given item is said to be dependent​ if:there is a clearly identifiable parent.A paint company mixes ten different base colors into​ 3,000 different color options. If production scheduling is organized around the ten different base​ colors, then the bills of material are classified as which of the​ following?modularWhich of the following statements regarding the gross material requirements plan is​ TRUE?It requires several​ inputs, including an accurate bill of material. B. It shows total demand for an item. C. It shows when an item must be ordered from a supplier or when production must be started. D. It combines a master production schedule with the​ time-phased schedule. All of the above are true.What is one of the tools that is particularly useful in reducing system nervousness in an MRP​ system?time fencesWhich of the following is TRUE regarding the POQ​ lot-sizing method?Each order quantity is recalculated at the time of the order release.If a load report​ (resource requirements​ profile) shows a work center scheduled beyond​ capacity:the work​ center's load may be smoothed by such tactics as operations splitting or lot splitting.Distribution resource planning​ (DRP) is:a​ time-phased stock replenishment plan for all levels of a distribution network.Enterprise resource planning​ (ERP):automates and integrates the majority of business processes.Which of the following is FALSE concerning enterprise resource planning​ (ERP)?It is inexpensive to implement.When implemented as a comprehensive operations​ strategy, JIT,​ TPS, and lean systems sustain competitive advantage and result in increased overall returns.trueWhich of the following is NOT a source of​ variability?​Employees, machines, and suppliers produce units that conform to standards.The list of​ 5Ss, although it looks like a housekeeping​ directive, supports lean production​ by:identifying​ non-value items and removing​ them, in the​ "sort/segregate" category.Which of the following is NOT a goal of JIT​ partnerships?All of the above are goals of JIT partnerships.Which one of the following scenarios represents the use of a kanban to reduce​ inventories?A​ "customer" work center signals to the​ "supplier" workstation that more parts are needed.JIT makes quality cheaper​ because:JIT prevents long runs of defects.Which of the following is an illustration of employee​ empowerment?​"No one knows the job better than those who do​ it."Which of the following is characteristic of lean​ operations?low space requirementsExcess bags of basic commodities such as flour and sugar that are stored in a​ restaurant's kitchen represent which of the following​ wastes?inventoryWhich of the following is not characteristic of a TPS​ employee?strict job classificationsWhich one is NOT an application of lean principle in​ services?securing more inventory to prepare for disruption in production