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What of the following best describes the purpose of evenly distributing a large set of instruments
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With respect to rigid sterilization containers testing, which term defines the sterilizer ability to sterilize under actual used conditionMaximum load testingIf you have a fever, your temperature would be above98.6 Fahrenheit (37 Celsius)Which of the following statement is true about capsulated bacterium?More resistant to heat and chemicalsPulmonary capillaries are found in which systemrespiratoryEthics is a practice ofdoing the right thingA micro organism that is resting and has a hard, shell like outer covering is calledSporeSpongy form encephalopathies (vacuoles in brain) is caused by which of the followingPrionsNails, tissue, and money are examples ofFomitesThe Zinke virus is transmitted byVectorsIn the final step of handwashing, the finger should be rinsed with the fingertips facingUpWhat are those hand antiseptics contain what percentage concentration of alcohol to be most effective60% to 95%All of the following play a role in how bone support other bone exceptdistribution of hormonesThe occupational safety and health administration (OSHA)Requires that transport containers of potentially infectious materials beLeak proofFlagella helps bacteria topropel through liquid mediaThe removal of contamination from an item to exceed necessary further reprocessing is calledCleaningWhich of the following should be cleaned dailyFloors and work surfacesSelect the following statement that is true about use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in theDecontamination area.Failure to wear personal protective equipment can result in disciplinary actionBefore a medical device is cleaned and processedThe manufacturer's instructions must be obtained.Which of the following additional chemicals is recommended when a high alkaline detergent is used in aMechanical washerNeutralizing acidHigher alkalinity in the water Used for cleaning instrumentsCan increase the chances of corrosionWhich of the following types of organisms is able to survive adverse environmental conditions by forming sporesClostridiumA solution with a pH of three is consideredAcidicA solution with a pH of 13 is consideredalkalineWhich of the following are major non-living reservoirs of Infectious diseases?Soil and waterWhich of the following materials may be affected by the use of high alkaline detergentanodized aluminumWhich of the following can be used to remove severe stains on stainless steel instruments?Organic acid detergentOne method of preventing biofilm formation on lumens is toRents lumens with critical water and dry them whileGenerally, the distal end of a rigid endoscope should be cleaned with aSoft bristle brushOpened but are used instruments that should beCompletely re-processedWhen high level disinfecting A device, if too many micro organisms remain on item after the cleaning process theDisinfecting process might not be effectiveWhich of the following chemicals is used for cleaning inanimate environmental services and floorsQuaternary ammonium compoundsUnless otherwise directed, a item high-level disinfectant in glutaraldehyde must be rinsed a minimum ofTwo timesWhich of the following pieces of equipment should be used to regulate body temperatureHypo/hyperthermia machineWhich of the following pieces of equipment should be used to prevent the formation of blood clotsSequential compression deviceWhich series of stainless steel is used to manufacture osteotomes400For manual lubrication, surgical instrument should be placed in a lubricant solution and thenRoom air dryWhich of the following would be cut with dissecting scissorsTissuespurpose of tungsten carbide insert on a needle holder is toHold the suture needles betterWhen should laparoscopes instruments be reassembled for sterilizationWhen recommended by the manufacturerWhich of the following types of instruments are used to view internal organs through very small openingsLaparoscopicThe environmental protection agency, food and drug administration, occupational safety and health administration, and state department of health primarily issueRegulationsWhich of the following single use items are exempt From the food and drug administration third-party reprocessing regulationsPacemakersWhich of the following is not an environmental factor required for life?ColdWhich of the following muscles are found in the legQuadricepsIn order to survive, aerobic bacteria require:OxygenWhich of the following is not a disease spread by dropletsMeaslesSodium hypochlorite belongs to which group of disinfectantsHalogensWhich of the following would be obvious on a improperly cleaned instrument that has been disinfected in orthophthaldehyde?Blue stainWhich of the following medical devices would require only low level disinfectionBlood pressure cuffsWhich of the following should be used to disinfect patient care equipmentThe disinfectant recommended by the equipment manufacturePatient care equipment that is soil needs to beContained during transportDisposable components such as pads and tubing on patient care equipment should beDiscarded at the point of useWhich of the following should be used to write on instruments count sheets and trey listPermanent, nontoxic ink markersWhat is/are the types of monitoringAdministrative, mechanical, chemical, and biologicalThe controlled BI always turn _______ Indicating the spores are aliveYellowWhich of the following should be used to hold back tissues and organsRetractorsA vascular sets should haveAtraumatic forcepsAll but one is usually found in the ortho setIris scissorInstruments in laser surgery require what finishBlack chromiumWhich of the following is used to indicate air leaks and insignificant air removal?Bowie dick test