ART-090, Chapter 8

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The 1915 film The Birth of a Nation directed by D. W. Griffith is a controversial film because:
A.)It is racist

B.)It is poorly made

C.)It cost too much to make, even by today's standards

D.)It is three hours long
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What is the difference between a still film camera and a digital camera?
A.)Still, film cameras produce only black and white images, while digital cameras can be in color or black and white

B.)Still film cameras require 5 to 10 minutes of exposure time, while digital cameras can record an image in a split second

C.)Still film cameras produce photographs with continuous colors and tones that blend, while digital cameras create an image with a grid of tiny squares

D.)Still film cameras produce only one image, while digital cameras allow for multiple copies of the same image
We studied Margaret Bourke-White's Flood Victims, Louisville, Kentucky, in chapter 1. The photo depicts African Americans standing in a relief line under a billboard of smiling white faces after a disastrous flood during the Great Depression. This photograph is best described as an example of what kind of photograph?



D.)Artistic expression
Photographer Alfred Stieglitz took this photograph on his family's trip to Europe. He was interested in documenting the variety of people on the ship, including the immigrants who were refused entry into the United States and were being sent home in the steerage (bottom level) of the ship. Stieglitz was inspired by the formal attributes of the scene, meaning how the elements and principles of art appear. Describe how two elements of art and how two principles of art appear in this image. Describe what you see and use terminology you learned in chapters 3 and 4.
The elements and principles of art are listed here for your quick reference:
Elements: line, shape, value, color, texture, pattern, illusion of spatial depth
Principles: unity and variety, scale, proportion, visual rhythm, balance (symmetrical or asymmetrical), emphasis and subordination
Ansel Adams is known for taking landscape photographs of the America West. How did his photographs affect the American psyche during WWII? A.)His photographs contained no people and allowed a war-weary public to imagine peaceful times B.)His majestic photographs reminded Americans of what they were fighting for C.)His photographs were a form of escapism D.)His photographs of untouched landscapes show how ideal a world can be without warHis majestic photographs reminded Americans of what they were fighting forJulia Margaret Cameron is know for her __________________ photography. A.)Portrait B.)Straight C.)Documentary D.)LandscapePortraitWhat did Eadweard Muybridge's photographs of a horse running prove? A.)All four of a galloping horse's legs leave the ground simultaneously B.)The speed of the running horse C.)Horses bob up and down when they gallop D.)Photography cannot capture a sequence of actionsAll four of a galloping horse's legs leave the ground simultaneouslyScenes that show events that happen in a previous time period are called ___________________. A.)flashbacks B.)mise en scene C.)shots D.)dissolvesflashbacksMatch the film term with its definition. 1.)Narrative 2.)Experimental 3.)Scripted 4.)Documentary 5.)Live-action 6.)Animated1.)Films tell a story, proceeding in a logical progression 2.)Films purposefully do not follow a logical progression 3.)Films have actors who learn parts, rehearse roles, and are staged by directors 4.)Films are presented to viewers as reliable depictions of real people, places, and events Live-action 5.)Films capture ongoing motion with a rolling camera 6.)Films capture a series of slightly different static images, one frame at a time(Note: This question is from this week's video learning materials, not the textbook) The first full-feature animated movie was made by Walt Disney in 1937 and was called _______________. A.)The Jungle Book B.)Sleeping Beauty C.)Fantasia D.)Snow White and the Seven DwarfsSnow White and the Seven DwarfsPeter Campus's video art piece entitled Three Transitions uses the medium of video to explore which topic? A.)The growth of a boy to manhood B.)The stages of life C.)The nature of truth D.)DeathThe nature of truth

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