34 terms

L1: 'Be' Verb.

Talking about my photos of family and friends.

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This is my son.
This _______ my son.
He is tall.
He _______ tall.
I am a teacher.
I _______ a teacher.
We are students.
We _______ students.
They are doctors.
They _______ doctors.
This is my friend.
This _______ my friend.
These are my sisters.
These _______ my sisters.
These are my parents.
These _______ my parents.
These are my friends from high school.
These _______ my friends from high school.
She is 20 years old.
She _______ 20 years old.
Her name is Jenny.
Her name _______ Jenny.
His name is Luca.
His name _______ Luca.
They are American.
They _______ American.
She is Georgian.
She _______ Georgian.
They are tall.
They _______ tall.
These are my friends.
These _______ my friends.
Their names are Sogo and Taylor.
Their names _______ Sogo and Taylor.
He is from Korea.
He _______ from Korea.
He is Japanese.
He _______ Japanese.
They are from China.
They _______ from China.
That is my bag.
That ________ my bag.
Those are my pens.
Those ________ my pens.
You are a good student.
You ________ a good student.
They are nice people.
They ________ nice people.
He is twenty one years old.
He ________ twenty one years old.
Who is this person?
Who _______ this person?
Who are these people?
Who _______ these people?
Where is your bag?
Where ________ your bag?
Where are your books?
Where _______ your books?
Is this your pen?
________ this your pen?
Are these your parents?
________ these your parents?
Is he American?
________ he American?
Are they students?
________ they students?
Is she a doctor?
________ she a doctor?