Inflammatory Medications

What does inflammation do?
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Humera/ Etanercept a/eIncreased risk infection, SJS, heart failureHumera/ Etanercept**prevents inflammation, goal is immunosuppressionGoutInflammatory disease, type of Arthritis, build up of Uric acid, happens in lower extremities, at Risk for kidney stonesWhat medication can worsen Gout?DiureticsWhat are DMARS used for?rheumatoid arthritisWhat are two types of gout medications?Urosurics (allopurinol, provencid) Glucosterioids (prednisone)What do urosurics do?Directly lower uric acidAllopurinol-doesn't play well with others -daily maintenance -can take 6 weeks to work -lowers uric acidAllopurinol A/EHeart failure, liver failure, kidney failure, strokeProbenecid-increases kidneys functions to secrete uric acid -just ensure kidney function is high -daily maintenanceA/E of ProbenecidRenal calculiConsiderations urosurics-oral or iv (monitor uric acid levels) -push fluids to get rid of uric acid -avoid high meat dietsteroids considerations—high risk infection bc it slows down wbc production —limits inflammatory process - can cause cushings -take with food -monitor BS, bp, i&o's -always taper steroids - monitor WBC for infection -monitor BS levels if even patient isn't diabetic - may need increased dose if stressedPrednisonesteroidHydrocortisoneSteroidsA/e steroids-fl retention, weight gain, increased risk HTN and infection, increased BS, osteoporosis