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Social Media Vocabulary

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The school has a computer _____________. = a group of people, organizations, computers etc that are connected or that work together
Social media can create opportunities for _______________. = a job or piece of work that involves two or more people working together to achieve something
social media
Facebook is a type of __________. = the different ways that people create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in online communities
The website allows people to take a __________ tour of the school. = made, done, seen etc on the Internet or on a computer, rather than in the real world:
Many people like to write ___________.= a contraction of "web log." A web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal and online forum for an individual or organization.
Students must __________ in class. = communicate or work together
These websites ____________ a great deal of useful information. = give people something
The students created a ________ about their town. = a website whose content is created and edited by the ongoing collaboration of end users.
social interaction
___________________ is an important part of learning in school. = when two or more people come into contact and communicate or work together
web browser
He downloaded a new ______________. = a type of software such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Explorer that allow users to surf the Internet
People often update their ________ on Facebook. = information about individual people using a particular website or online tool
There are many _______ that are not appropriate for children. = places on the Internet where people can meet, post comments, share information etc. (also: website)
Students can __________ their grades online. = to find or be able to get information from a website on the Internet
Social media has many __________ to business. = ways of using something in different situations such as business or education. (Also = types of software that run on computers or mobile devices)
log in
Students must __________ to access the discussion board. = to enter information so that you can use a computer or the Internet
go online
The students often _________ after dinner. = to connect to the Internet and visit various websites or communicate with others
user-generated content
Web 2.0 involves ______________. = different types of media (ex. text, pictures, video, audio, etc) that are made and shared by people using various websites on the Internet
People often _________ photos onto Facebook using their mobile phones. = to put something onto the Internet; the opposite is to download
People were automatically __________ when the website had problems. = to be told or sent a message
Some people like to __________ celebrity blogs online. = to regularly check on something or someone because you are interested in what that person will do or what will happen.
Some ___________ are so long that they are difficult to remember. = the addresses for different places on the Internet
People often _________ photos on social media. = to have or use something with other people
Many people have become __________ to social media. = liking something so much that you cannot stop it; usually causes negative effects
He became quite _________ because he only interacted online. = being alone and unable to meet to other people
social skills
He needs to work on his __________. = the abilities needed to be able to communicate well with others
Social media has _____________ business. = has completely changed the way people do something or think about something
The employees prefer __________ meetings to online meetings. = when you are in the same place to meet someone
attention span
Some children have a short _________. = the amount of time you are interested in listening, watching, or looking at something
YouTube can encourage _____________ behavior. = when someone is too concerned about their appearance or abilities or spends too much time admiring them
Some people feel less ___________ online. = feeling too embarrassed or nervous to do or say something
The company is trying to ___________ online sales. = to help something develop or increase
Some people can ___________ themselves better online. = to say what you think or feel through words, gestures, pictures, music, etc.
The author of the article was _____________. = the person who does something doesn't leave their name
News can __________ quickly over the Internet. = when something moves to many different people
The amount of information available now is ___________. = never having happened before, or never having happened so much
The parents noticed ___________ behavior in their child. = acting in a way that is violent or harmful to other people, or shows that you do not care about other people
Some people are worried about ___________ and the Internet. = keeping information to oneself so that the public cannot see it
collecting data
The scientists are _______________. = gathering information about people, places or things
At the end of news articles, there are often many ______________.= comments that are left on websites by users
They are ______________ customers. = the possibility that something will happen
______________ is a big problem in many schools. = unwanted and aggressive behavior to try to hurt or influence someone
identity theft
He was a victim of ______________.= using another person's personal information to steal or do illegal things
This ad ______________ teenagers. = aimed at a particular group or person
sexual predators
There was a warning on TV about _____________. = a type of criminal that tries to have illegal types of sex; especially through violence or with children
Sometimes people ________ into government computers.= to secretly find a way of getting information from someone else's computer or changing information on it
He gets a lot of ___________ everyday. = unwanted messages or email sent to a computer often to advertise something or get money