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Where do stereotypes come from? How do stereotypes affect people? What are different types of stereotypes?

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a belief or idea of what a particular type of person or thing is like. They are often unfair or untrue.
Ex. One s____________ is that all Americans are friendly.
to describe or show someone or something in a particular way, according to your opinion of them. Ex. The media often _________ Black people as violent or dangerous.
to describe something or someone in writing or speech, or to show them in a painting, picture etc. Ex. The film __________ the problems Black people face in the legal system.
the main bad character in a film, play, or story. Ex. The district attorney was the __________ in the movie "American Violet."
to not have as many of a group in an area as other groups. Ex. Women are often ______________ in at high levels of business.
a group of people of a different race from the main group in a country. Ex. The politicians were trying to get votes from different _____________ groups.
most of the people or things in a group. Ex. The ______________ of students at IEC are Asian.
to describe or show someone or something in a particular way, especially in a way that is not true. Ex. What group is __________ in this advertisement?
a special advantage that is given only to one person or group of people. Ex. White students were given many __________ that they weren't aware of.
having the same rights, opportunities etc as everyone else, whatever your race, religion, or sex. Ex. In the U.S. all people are supposed to be ________ before the law.
an unfair situation, in which some groups in society have more money, opportunities, power etc than others. Ex. There is still a great deal of _____________ in the U.S.
people who are easy to see. Ex. Some groups are very _________ in society.
to report something in a way that is not completely true or correct. Ex. The media __________ the image of some minorities.
a feeling or thought that that you have without realizing it. Ex. Many people have ____________ feelings of racism.
to make a connection in your mind between one thing or person and another. Ex. Many people _____________ Black people with music and sports.
a possible future effect or result of an action, event, decision etc. Ex. What are the ______________ of this new law?
to give support to an opinion, idea, or feeling, and make it stronger. Ex. This ad ____________ the idea that women are bad drivers.
the feeling of being satisfied with your own abilities, and that you deserve to be liked or respected. Ex. Stereotypes in the media can often lower the _______________ of members of that group.
to treat a person or particular group of people differently and esp. unfairly. Ex. This law _____________ against gay people.
an unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling formed without enough thought or knowledge. Ex. He is ______________ against Muslims.
discrimination against people because of the color of their skin. Ex. There used to be many __________ laws in the U.S.
discrimination against people because of their gender, especially women.Ex. This advertisement is very ________.
fear and dislike of homosexuals. Ex. His comments and jokes were very _______________.
to accept an idea, attitude, belief, etc., so that it becomes part of your character. Ex. The media can cause people to ____________ stereotypes.
Ex. Stereotypes can ___________ people's ideas about what they can do.
the feeling or belief that something will or should happen. Ex. The images in the media can cause children to have low __________________ for their own life.
something that you are morally, legally, or officially allowed to do or have. Ex. Racist laws violate people's __________.
the freedom to do what you want.
Ex. The ACLU fights for people's _______________.