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  1. kindle
  2. egocentric
  3. mundane
  4. odious
  5. pallor
  1. a cause to start burning
  2. b an extreme or unnatural paleness
  3. c deserving hate or contempt
  4. d a self-centered person with little regard for others
  5. e concerned with the world or worldly matters

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  1. a standard or typical example
  2. a group organized by rank
  3. future generations
  4. intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner
  5. shining; brilliant; Ex. lustrous hair

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  1. remissneglectful in performance of one's duty, careless


  2. myopiccause to start burning


  3. imperviousincapable of being affected


  4. facetioushumorous, not meant seriously


  5. legacyneglectful in performance of one's duty, careless