Your "field of vision" is:
2. Central vision plus peripheral vision
When a driver acts in a negative manner to another driver, it is called:
2. Road Rage
Excessive speed, playing "chicken" and "peeling out" are all signs of:
3. Exhibition of Speed
Moving objects tend to stay in a straight line because of:
2. Inertia
Your visual acuity is tested by:
2. Snellen Charts
Which of the following has the greatest influence on Kinetic Energy:
1. Speed of vehicle
"Visual Acuity" is your ability to:
1. See things clearly, both near and far
Your drivers' license:
2. Is an earned, special privilege
Other than handicapped signs, the color blue is used for:
3. Motorist Roadside Services
A sign shaped like a pentagon is a:
2. School zone warning
If you have a provisional driver license, there is (are):
2. Special restrictions you must follow when driving
A GREEN light means:
1. You may enter the intersection ONLY if you can make it through safely
When traffic signals are not working:
2. All traffic must stop; it is the same as a 4-way stop sign
A PAIR of unbroken DOUBLE-yellow lines several feet apart indicates:
2. An imaginary wall or divider
A bus may park at a RED curb:
1. Only when a sign permits it
A solid WHITE line, parallel to traffic lanes:
1. Indicates a "special" lane like a bike lane and may not be crossed
A learner's permit, for a minor:
1. Must be held for 6 months, or until age 18
Your TOTAL hours of driving on a permit, not counting driver training, must be at least:
1. 50 hours
Your drivers' license, as a minor:
2. Is called a PROVISIONAL license
As a minor, getting 2 points on your provisional license means:
1. You return to learners permit status and can only drive with an adult in the car
As a minor with a provisional license, your parents:
1. Assume financial responsibility for your actions while driving
2. Can cancel your license anytime they want to
3. Must sign a legal affidavit that you have had 50 hours of supervised driving
Habitual truancy, even at age 13, can result in:
1. Denying you a license until you are 17
2. Suspending your license for one year, once you get it
Most engines on today's cars have replaced the carburetor with:
3. Fuel Injection
A catalytic converter is used to:
1. Minimize harmful pollutants
The major purpose of the battery is to:
1. Start the vehicle
If your car has ABS, it has:
2. Anti-lock Braking System
If your red OIL LIGHT comes on it means:
3. Your oil pressure has dropped too low
Which of the following is (are) legal proof of insurance
1. $35,000 cash deposit to the DMV
2. DMV certificate of self-insurance
3. Insurance Policy card from your insurance company
California recommends how large of a following distance, at speeds below 40 mph:
2. 3 seconds
A "blind" intersection is one where:
2. You can't see traffic for 100 feet in either direction, when within 100 feet of it
A turn signal:
1. Is required at least 100 feet before the turn
In California, a right turn:
1. Must begin AND end in the right-most driving lane
2. Cannot be made if opposing traffic is turning left
3. Can be made on a red light only after making a complete stop behind the white line or crosswalk
Regarding "bike lanes":
1. You may drive in it up to 200 feet prior to making a turn
2. Parking is legal, unless signed otherwise
3. May be used by pedestrians when no sidewalk is available
A "protected left turn" is:
2. A green arrow pointing to the left
Unless a sign prohibits it, a "U"-turn may be made:
1. At any four-way stop
2. From a center turn lane, when one is available
3. Must start from the left-most driving lane
If you are involved in an accident, causing injury or death, you must report it:
3. To the CHP within 24 hours
You may not park:
1. Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or fire station driveway
2. On a marked or unmarked crosswalk
3. Within 3 feet of a sidewalk ramp for the disabled
The Basic Speed Law:
3. Never drive faster than it is safe for current conditions
A curb painted green means:
2. Parking for a limited time
A curb painted blue means:
3. Parking for a disabled person with a placard
If your car has a sudden blowout:
1. Be prepared for a sudden pull to the side of the blowout
2. Do not brake unless it is an emergency
3. Turn on your warning flashers as soon as possible
A road is most slippery:
2. Within the first 5 - 10 minutes of raining
Failure to stop at the scene of an accident you are involved in, can result in
1. 1 year in jail, $10,000.00 fine
2. 4 years in jail, $10,000.00 fine if death or serious injury occur
3. Mandatory 5 years imprisonment, if a subsequent offense
Which type of insurance is required by law:
If you have insurance, but don't have your insurance card with you during a police stop:
3. You can be given a ticket, fined $500.00 and your car can be impounded
You may legally go around or under a railroad crossing gate
3. Under no circumstances
Pedestrians must:
1. Must use the sidewalk, when one is available
Joggers, skateboarders and rollerbladers:
1. Are considered to be pedestrians
2. Must ride on the sidewalk, barring local ordinances
3. May ride in the bike lane if no sidewalk is present
A crosswalk:
1. May be marked by parallel white or yellow lines
2. Is sometimes not marked at all
3. Is considered to exist at all 4-way intersections
Failure to stop when a school bus has flashing red lights:
2. May result in a fine of $1,000.00 and license suspension for 1 year
A bicycle:
1. Is legally considered to be a vehicle
What percentage of all bicycle accidents involve a truck or automobile:
A bicyclist may:
1. Drive in the left-most traffic lane when preparing to make a left turn
2. Enter a driving lane, from a bike lane, when passing a parked car or other obstacle
3. May ride in the left-most lane when on a one-way street
The "NO ZONE" is an area:
3. One of the four blind spots that truckers have
Diamond-shaped signs on the back or side of a truck indicate:
2. That it is carrying hazardous materials and what kind
Concerning motorcycles:
1. The driver must wear a helmet, irrespective of age
2. The passenger must wear a helmet, irrespective of age
3. May use Car Pool lanes, even with only the driver riding
1. Is classified as a poison
2. Is classified as a nerve depressant
3. Is classified as flammable
A BAC of .10% means:
1. You are legally drunk under California law
2. You should not operate a vehicle (including a bicycle)
3. You can be arrested for operating a vehicle
Teenagers can have a BAC of what, before being arrested for DUI:
4. NO BAC is allowed for teens
Is it legal to drive with an open container of alcohol in your vehicle?
3. Yes, if the container is in the trunk AND someone in the vehicle is over 21
If you are under 21 and you are found to have a BAC above .01%:
1. Your license will be suspended for one year if it is your first offense
2. Your license will be suspended for 2-3 years on subsequent offenses
3. You may be required to attend a state-authorized DUI program
"DUI" means:
1. Driving Under the Influence of alcohol
2. Driving Under the Influence of drugs
3. Driving Under the Influence of over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs
One of the problems associated with driving under the influence of marijuana is:
1. It distorts your perception of time
2. It distorts your perception of colors
3. It agitates your concentration
Refusing a blood or urine test for drugs, when requested by a police officer:
1. Will result in an automatic suspension of your license
1. Diminishes your ability to identify and react to hazards
2. Slows your reaction time to hazards
3. Causes you to make errors in your reaction to hazards