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Layers of sound

Monophonic Texture

One melody playing without harmonic accompaniment

Homophonic Texture

A melody with chordal accompaniment

Polyphonic Texture

Two or more different melodies playing at the same time

Heterophonic Texture

Two or more melodies at the same time with different variations on the melody

Thin density

Only one or a few layers of sound

Thick density

Many layers of sound


Two or more performers playing or singing at the same pitch or octaves


A pattern that is repeated by the same or different instrument


Occurs when the same melody is played by more than one instrument an octave apart

Call and Response

One instrument of group states a musical idea and it is responded to somehow by another instrument or group.

Similar Motion

Parts moving in the same direction.

Contrary Motion

Parts moving in opposite direction.

Oblique Motion

One part remaining at the same pitch while parts move in different directions.


Moving against. Interplay of several layers of sound.

Melodic Fill

A short musical passage fulfilled by an instrument or voice that holds the melody in a piece of music.

Harmonic Fill

A short musical passage fulfilled by an instrument or voice holding the harmony in a piece of music.

Rhythmic Fill

A short musical passage fulfilled by an instrument or voice holding the rhythm in a piece of music.


When two notes are a certain distance apart and move the same interval at the same time in the same direction.

Staggered Entry

Different layers beginning at different times in the bar or cycle.


A single staccato chord that adds dramatic impact to a composition.

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