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Haemophilus capsule polysaccharide plus diphtheria toxoid is a(n)

Inactivated whole-agent vaccine. WRONG

What type of vaccine is live measles virus?

Attenuated whole-agent vaccine

A reaction using red blood cells as the indicator and hemolysis indicates an antigen-antibody reaction is called a(n)

Complement fixation.

Which of the following uses red blood cells as the indicator?

Complement fixation

Patient's serum, Rickettsia, guinea pig complement, sheep red blood cells, and anti-sheep red blood cells are mixed in a tube. What happens if the patient has epidemic typhus?

None of the above

Purified protein from B. pertussis is a(n)

Conjugated vaccine WRONG

Live polio virus can be used in a(n)

Attenuated whole-agent vaccine.

Which of the following is a test to determine the presence of soluble antigens in patient's saliva?

Precipitation reaction

An indirect version of which test using antihuman globulin may be used to detect patient's antibodies against Treponema pallidum?


To detect botulinum toxin in food, suspect food is injected into two guinea pigs. The guinea pig that was vaccinated against botulism survives, while the one that was not vaccinated dies. This is an example of


The following steps are used to produce monoclonal antibodies. What is the fourth step?

Culture the hybridoma. WRONG

A test used to detect anti-Rickettsia antibodies in a patient is the

Direct fluorescent antibody test. WRONG

Which is the third step in a direct ELISA test?

Antihuman immune serum

All of the following are disadvantages of a live virus vaccine except

Antibody response is not as good as with inactivated viruses.

If a patient shows the presence of antibodies against diphtheria toxin, this indicates all of the following except

The patient was near someone who had the disease.

Haemophilus influenzae b capsular polysaccharide with a protein is a(n)

Conjugated vaccine.

Toxoid vaccines such as the vaccines against diphtheria and tetanus elicit a(n)

Antibody response against these bacterial toxins.

Patient's serum, influenza virus, and red blood cells are mixed in a tube. What happens if the patient has antibodies against influenza virus?

Agglutination WRONG

Which item is from the patient in a direct ELISA test?


Which of the following uses fluorescent-labeled antibodies?

Flow cytometry

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