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The public Health service's responsibilities are to
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11, who is responsible for the personnel that prepare all specimens that are received for testing in the laboratory?Manager, central processing12, Which person alerts the personnel of the latest standards and regulations set by CAP?Coordinator, quality and compliance13, Which supervisor oversees the typing and cross -matching of transfusion units in the laboratory?Supervisor, immunohematology14, which part of a phlebotomist's duty involves prioritizing specimens to ensure desired TAT?Transport and dispatch samples efficiently.15, telephone etiquette involvesA, keeping your statements simple and to the point16, which of the following is an agency that certifies phlebotomists?ASCP ( American Society for Clinical Pathology)17, The primary duty of a phlebotomist is toCollect blood specimens18, part of the phlebotomist's role is to promote good public relations becausePatients equate this interaction with the overall caliber of care19, primum non nocere comes from the Hippocratic Oath and meansFirst do no harm.20, Which of the following is a characteristic of good work ethic?Dependability21, phlebotomy is used as a therapeutic treatment forPolycythemia22, A phlebotomist participates in continuing education programs toStay up to date on the latest procedures.23, The term "phlebotomy " is derived from Greek words that, when literally translated, mean toCut a vein24, One of a phlebotomist's duties is toPerform lab computer operations25, What are the credentials of an AMT - certified phlebotomist?RPT26, Which of the following ancient bloodletting instruments has a counterpart in a modern- day bleeding device?C Fleam27, proof of participation in a workshop to upgrade skills required by some agencies to renew certification is calledContinuing education units28 , while staying in a healthcare facility, one of the patient's expectations as listed in the patient care partnership brochure is the right toHelp with billing claims29, The personal "zone of comfort " is a radius of1 1/2 to 4 ft.30, The patient is emotional and cannot understand what the phlebotomist is asking him or her to do. This is an example ofA communication barrier.31, which of the following is an example of a confirming response to a patient?I understand how you must be feeling32, which of the following is an example of negative kinesics ?Frowning33, which one of the following projects a professional image for a phlebotomist?Closed-toe, conservative shoes34, A patient loses trust in the phlebotomist when the phlebotomistBrushes off patient concerns.35, which of the following represents improper telephone protocol?Hanging up on hostile individuals36, proxemics is the study of an individual'sConcept of space37, one element of good communication in healthcare involvesA, accepting patients as unique individuals with special needs.38, The best way to handle a "difficult" or "bad" patient is toHelp the patient feel in control of the situation.39, which of the following is an example of proxemics?Personal contact40, which of the following situations allows a patient to feel in control?Agreeing with the patient that it is his or her right to refuse a blood draw.41, what is the average speaking rate of a normal adult?125 to 150 words per minute42, Another term for outpatient care isAmbulatory care43, which laboratory department performs tests to identify abnormalities of the blood and blood-forming tissues?Hematology44, which department is responsible for administering a patient's oxygen therapy?Respiratory therapy45, which of the following tests would be performed in surgical pathology?Frozen sections46, The phlebotomist is asked to collect a specimen from a patient in the nephrology department. A patient in this department is most likely being treated for a disorder of theKidneys47, The phlebotomist supervisor asked phlebotomist to collect a specimen in the otorhinolaryngology department. The phlebotomist proceeded to go to the department that provides treatment forEar, nose, and throat disorders48, which of the following test is performed in the coagulation department?D-dimer49, which medical specialty treats patients with tumors?Oncology50, The medical specialty that treats skeletal system disorder is :Orthopedics51, The specialty of which physicians is the treatment of newborns ?Neonatologist52, Another name for the blood bank department isImmunohematology53, which of the following is a chemistry test ?Creatinine54, which medical facilities were designed to bridge the gap between an injury that is too serious to wait for an appointment with a primary care physician but not a life-threatening situation that calls for a trip to the ER ?Urgent care centers55, with which other hospital department would the laboratory coordinate therapeutic drugs monitoring?Pharmacy56, which department processes and stains tissue samples for microscopic analysis?Histology57, Of the following roles, which requires only a high school diploma?Phlebotomist58, An appendectomy performed in a freestanding ambulatory surgical center is an example ofSecondary care59, which department performs blood cultures?Microbiology60, Electrolyte testing includesSodium and potassium61, which hospital department performs diagnostic tests and monitors therapy of patients with heart problems?Cardiodiagnostics62, Basic metabolic panels ( BMPs) are performed in which department?Chemistry63, which laboratory department performs chromosome studies?Cytogenetics64, A pap smear is examined for the presence of cancer cells in which department?Cytology65, A prepaid group healthcare organization in which members must have preauthorization for certain medical procedures is aHMO66, The term used to describe sophisticated and highly complex medical care isTertiary care67, A patient in labor would normally be admitted to which of the following medical specialty departments?Obstetrics68, A primary care physician (pcp) is considered the patient's gatekeeper in which type of managed care plan?HMO69, Toxicology is often a part of which of the following laboratory departments?Chemistry70, which individual is a physician who is a specialist in diagnosing disease from laboratory findings?Clinical pathologist71, which of the following is a hematology test?CBC72, The department that analyzes arterial blood gases and tests lung Capacity isRespiratory therapy73, which department performs immunoglobulin testing ?Serology74, which department performs radiographic procedures and other imaging techniques to aid in detection of a problem ?Diagnostic radiology75, which of the following is an example of an inpatient care facility?Children's hospital76, which of the following would most likely be performed in the coagulation department?PTT77, which of the following laboratory personnel has the same qualification as a medical technologist?MLS78, which department would perform a hemogram ?Hematology79, which department examines specimens microscopically for the presence of crystals , casts, bacteria, and blood cells?Urinalysis80, which hospital department provides treatment to restore patient mobility ?Physical therapy81, brain wave mapping and evoked potentials are performed by which department?Electroencephalography82, All medical laboratories are regulated byCLIA83, Eye conta t may be considered rude inAsian cultures84, which laboratory worker has a bachelor's degree or equivalent in medical technology?MLSWhich of the following laboratory personnel has an associate's degree or equivalent?MLTA specimen for ova and parasite testing would be sent to which department?MicrobiologyThe test to identify an organism and determine an appropriate antibiotic for treatment is called aCulture and sensitivity testA glucose test would be performed in which department?ChemistryWhich medical specialty treats patients with blood disorders?Hematology90, which of the following services is offered by local public health agencies?Immunization of the populace91, which test suggests autoimmune hemolytic anemia if positive?DAT92, blood typing and compatibility testing are performed in which department?Blood bankA sample for fibrin degradation products (FDP) testing would be sent to which of the following departments?Coagulation94, which immunology test detects rheumatoid arthritis?RF95 which is a federal program that provides medical care for the indigent?Medicaid96, which department performs chemical screening tests on urine specimens?Urinalysis97, which department monitors warfarin therapy?CoagulationDiagnosed and treatment of diseases characterized by joint inflammation is part of which medical specialty?RheumatologyWhich phlebotomist's duty, if not fulfilled, has a penalty of possible fines or jail time?Maintaining patient confidentialityWhich of the following factors is considered critical in understanding a diverse population's healthcare needs?All of above ( attitudes toward seeking help, knowledge of the customs, traditions related to healing)According to CLIA'88 , which statement is true?All clinical laboratories must follow the CLIA law102, which of the following specimens would be analyzed in the anatomical pathology area?Biopsy tissue103, Reference laboratories can offer tests that haveReduced cost per test104, A nurse practitioner may be considered the case manager in which category of care?Primary care105, the AMT, ASCP , and ACA are agencies thatCertify laboratory professionalsA phlebotomist is told to take procedural short cuts to save time in collecting specimens during morning sweeps. She disagrees and choose to follow the rules. Which professional characteristic is she exhibiting ?IntegrityWhich of the following is the name or abbreviation of the federal law that established standards for the electronic exchange of patient information?HIPAAWhich of the following actions by a phlebotomist does not encourage good verbal communication?Using cliche'sA phlebotomist who appears knowledgeable, honest, and sincere is creating in the patient a sense ofTrustAfter being discharged from the hospital, home bound services offered to meet the needs of patients who require extended care typically includePhysical therapy