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Reference that contains information about navy directives.


1.Can be an instruction (order)
2.Can be a notice (bulletin)
3.Can be a change transmittal

Standard Navy Distribution List

a list that provides official addressing and distribution information for naval establishments.
-also contains Plain address designator(PLAD) and UIC

Where can you find standard navy distribution list

OPNAVNOTE 5400 series is reference that contains NSDL

What are the 2 parts of the NSDL

part 1-Operating forces in the navy,united and specified commands,us elements of international commands

part-2 Naval shore activities

What is the purpose of navy and marine corps directives?

To promulgate; revised policies,responsibilities, standards for the administration of subject system.


Contains authority or information requiring continuing action.

How long does a instruction remain in effect?

until superseded or otherwise canceled by originator or higher authority


Marine Corps issuance

what has the same force and effect as an Navy instruction

Marine Corps order and Navy Notice


same force as an instruction but is bried in nature; usually in effect for less than 6 months.

What type of directive has a self cancelling provision and cannot remain in effect for more than a year?


What is the Marine corps equivalent of a Notice(Navy)

Bulletin(Marine Corps)

What directive is used to publish material that is primarily informative or otherwise directive in nature and includes a self canceling date?

Bulletin(Marine Corps)

Joint Directive

Issued jointly by one authority, in conjunction with one or more other authorities.

Letter type directive

Instruction or notice prepared in a format similar to that of a naval letter

Message type Directive

Directive transmitted via the Naval; Telecommunication

Publication type directive

instruction or notice best suited to a publication format

What is the purpose of a change transmittal

Transmit changes to an instruction or notice

What is a page change

Adds additional or replacement page for instruction or notice,faster more economical, neater more legible

Pen Change

relatively short change, hand written by recipient

Short change

handwritten by recipient


Complete re-issuance of a directive

What is the purpose of SSIC codes

Provides standard filling methods,expidient and quick retrievel.

What is a SSIC code

4-5 digit number that indicates subject of a document

What are the major subject groups of SSIC codes divided into?

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary

What is required on all Navy and Marine corps; Letters,messages,forms,and reports

SSIC codes

How many major subject groups of SSIC codes are there?

13 Major groups.

How often are reviews for correspondences

Every calender year

How often are budgeting and accounting records reviewed

Fiscal year

What kind of records should be preserved?

Records with long term worth such as administrative,legal,scientific,historical

what kind of records should be destroyed at the end of their usefulness?

Temporary records

where can you find guidelines for disposal procedures of records?

SECNAV M-5210.1 DON Rec management program

How often should OCC Health,Indst. Hygiene, and Environmental control records be terminated?


When should you trasnfer OCC Health,Indst. Hygiene, and Environmental control records to FRC?

When 5 yrs old

Where can you find out how to dispose of classified information?



Report of medical examination
Section 3


Report of medical history
Section 3

DD 2766

Adult preventive and chronic care flowsheet
Section 1

NAVMED 6230/4

Adult Immunization record
Section 1

NAVMED 6230/5

Adolescant Immunization record
Section 1

DD 2215

Reference Audiogram
Section 1

DD 2216

Monitoring audiogram
Section 1

NAVMED 6000/2

Record of HIV testing
Section 1

Where do you file special SF 600's which are occupational health physicals

Section 3

NAVMED 6150/4

Abstract of service/medical history
Section 3

Commanding officer or officer in charge must personally sing documents that what?

Establish policy

Authorized subordinates may sign correspondence that falls within...

Their areas of responsibility

What are subordinates usually supose to do when siging under delegated authority?

By direction

When should you capitalize every letter of a member's last name

Subject and signature line

When is it authorized to use Letterhead?

Offiicial matters of the command

How big is the Dept. of Defense seal in diameter on official letterhead?

1 inch in diameter

What do Navy activites letterhead begin with

DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY centered on the 4th line from the top of the page.

What are the purpose of enclosures

Prevent a letter from becoming to detailed.

Enclosure may include

Directives,manuals,publications,photocopies, charts ect.

How do you mark enclosures?

On the first page in the lower right hand corner(Enclosure plus the number)

When numbering pages of enclosures, what do you do?

Do not number page 1 and on 2nd page start by putting page 2.

what font style should you use for correspondence?

10-12 point courier new font

What should you use to correspond with officially addressed Persons in the DOD

Standard Naval Letter

What are the sizes of margins in a Standard Naval Letter

1 inch margins on all sides

If "in reply refer to" is printed on your activities letterhead what should you type on the next line.

SSIC code

What should go immediately under SSIC code?

Originators code

Where should the "From" Line go?

At the left margin on the second line before the date

Where should the "To" line go?

at the left margin on the first line under "From"

Where should the "Via" line go?

at the left margin on the first line below the "To" line

How do you identify paragraphs or sub paragraphs

in the following sequence 1.,a.,(1), (a)

What does a memorandum provide?

an informal way to correspond within an activity or between DON activities.

What is the least informal Memorandum?

MFR, Memorandum for the record

What is the most common memorandum?


What kind of forms are available for memorandums?

Printend Memorandum forms; used to communicate informally within your activity

Plain paper memorandum; used for informal communications within your activity

Letterhead memorandum: For direct liason with individuals outside of your activity.

What is the most formal memorandum?

Memorandum For; used for communications between high level officials who use format

What kind of memorandum is used for mutual agreements of facts, intentions, procedures, limits on future actions?

Memorandum of Agreement

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