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APUSH Chapter 5 Key Terms

Enduring Vision 6e Ch. 5

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Seven Years' War
Major French-English conflict known in North America as the French and Indian War
Treaty of Paris of 1763
Treaty by which France ceded virtually its entire North American empire to Britain and Spain
Ottawa chief who created short-lived anti-British coalition among Native Americans
Proclamation of 1763
An attempt to end Indian problems by preventing westward movement y colonists
writ of assistance
A general search warrant of dubious legality
Sugar Act
Act passed by British Parliament that placed new taxes and restrictions on colonists' trade
Stamp Act
Revenue measure that provoked open opposition by colonists
Sons of Liberty
Groups to resist Stamp Act; formed by elites in an attempt to curb violence
Stamp Act Congress
Assembly where representatives from nine colonies met to discuss resistance to Stamp Act
Declaratory Act
Parliamentary assertion of right to legislate for the colonies
Quartering Act
Required colonial legislatures to provide supplies to British troops
Townshend duties
More Parliamentary attempts to raise revenues from the colonists
Board of Customs Commissioners
Officials sent to oversee collection of taxes; their corruption a target for colonial anger
John Wilkes
British opponent of King George III who became a hero to American colonists
Boston Massacre
Confrontation between colonists and British troops in which five colonists were shot and killed
committees of correspondence
Local committees established throughout colonies to coordinate anti-British actions
Tea Act
Attempt to bail out East India Company that heightened tensions between England and colonists
Lord Dunmore
Royal governor of Virgina who promised freedom to slaves who fought to restore royal authority
Intolerable Acts
Laws intended to punish Massachusetts for Boston Tea Party and strengthen royal authority
Continental Congress
Major step toward resistance to Britain and unity among colonies
Skirmish between colonists and British troops of a few hours after Concord
One of first armed conflicts between Britain and colonists
Common Sense
Brilliant pamphlet by Thomas Paine that summarized pro-independence arguments
Declaration of Independence
Document drafted primarily by Thomas Jefferson presenting American Revolution as struggle for universal principles