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  1. Temperaments
  2. masters and johnson
  3. Superego
  4. Genital Stage
  5. Avoidant
  1. a Puberty, adulthood- leads to adult sexuality
  2. b Conscious morality and social standards
  3. c Distrustful avoids intimate attachments
  4. d Physiological dispositions to respond to the enviornment in certain ways, present in infancy, relatively stable over time
  5. e among the first to use laboratory experimentation and observation to study the sexual response cycle (1950s-60s); levels include excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution

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  1. sets of implicit rules that specify proper sexual behavior for a person in a given situation, varying with the person's gender, age,religion,social status, and peer group
  2. an inferred process within a person or animal that causes movement either toward a goal or away from an unpleasant situation.
  3. -Parents
    -Non-Shared environment
  4. collections of rules that determine the proper attitudes and behavior for men and women
  5. more fighting amongst men in the south and the west vs men in the north and midwest

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  1. Phallic StageAge 3 to 5 or 6, when a child wants extreme attention from he parent of the opposite sex and wants to do away with the other parent


  2. AnxiousSexual aggressive traits psychic energy unconscious lavido- psychic energy fuels sexual energy of the id


  3. RepressionWhen a threatening idea, memory, or emotion is blocked form consciousness (done by ego)


  4. Approach-Avoidance conflictsDeciding between two things you don't want to do


  5. Possible biological factors-genetics
    -prenatal events