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  1. Approach-Avoidance conflicts
  2. Motivation
  3. Proximity
  4. Gender roles
  5. Regression
  1. a Deciding between two things you both want to do and don't want to do
  2. b Choosing friends and lovers from the set of people who are closest to us
  3. c collections of rules that determine the proper attitudes and behavior for men and women
  4. d When a person reverts to a previous phase of psychological development.
  5. e an inferred process within a person or animal that causes movement either toward a goal or away from an unpleasant situation.

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  1. sets of implicit rules that specify proper sexual behavior for a person in a given situation, varying with the person's gender, age,religion,social status, and peer group
  2. 1st year of life, seek oral gratification (experiencing the world through your mouth)
  3. Rarely get jealous or worried about abandonment
  4. Unconditional Positive regard
  5. Age 2 or 3 toilet training key issue anal fixation (excessively neat and clean) as an adult. Anal expulsive (messy)

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  1. Set pointRepresents reason good sense and rational self control


  2. Hypothalamus-Binging without purging
    -Chewing food without swallowing
    -Maintaining normal weight but worrying obsessively about gaining


  3. Extrinsic Motivationdoing something to please others or to get a reward out of it


  4. Motives for sex-Pleasure
    -partner approval
    -attain a specific goal


  5. Self efficiencyA person's belief that he/she is capable of producing desired results such as mastering new skills and reaching results