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  1. motives for rape
  2. Denial
  3. facts about obesity
  4. Repression
  5. Self- Fulfilling prophecy
  1. a Narcissism and hostility toward women
    -a desire to dominate, humiliate, or punish the victim
  2. b When a threatening idea, memory, or emotion is blocked form consciousness (done by ego)
  3. c An expectation that comes true because of the tendency of the person holding it to act in ways to bring it about
  4. d When a person refuses to admit that something unpleasant is happening
  5. e 25% of American children are obese
    Half of Americans are obese

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  1. Unconscious motives and conflicts
  2. Doing something because you want to do it for you
  3. Sex study of 1948-1952; make up 10% of population, invalid
  4. Deciding between two things you want to do
  5. Characteristic of an individual describing a habitual way of behaving, thinking, and feeling

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  1. SuperegoRarely get jealous or worried about abandonment


  2. Critical for set pointinfancy to 2 years


  3. SimilarityDistinctive and relatively stable pattern of behaviors, thoughts, motives, and emotions that characterizes an individual


  4. Life NarrativeWe all have a life story


  5. Oral StageAge 2 or 3 toilet training key issue anal fixation (excessively neat and clean) as an adult. Anal expulsive (messy)