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  1. ID
  2. Trait
  3. peer influence
  4. Motives for sex
  5. kinsey survey of sexuality
  1. a Sexual aggressive traits psychic energy unconscious lavido- psychic energy fuels sexual energy of the id
  2. b -Pleasure
    -partner approval
    -attain a specific goal
  3. c Characteristic of an individual describing a habitual way of behaving, thinking, and feeling
  4. d -Parents
    -Non-Shared environment
  5. e Sex study of 1948-1952; make up 10% of population, invalid

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  1. Puberty, adulthood- leads to adult sexuality
  2. An expectation that comes true because of the tendency of the person holding it to act in ways to bring it about
  3. 1st year of life, seek oral gratification (experiencing the world through your mouth)
  4. Choosing friends and lovers who are like us in looks, attitudes, beliefs, personality, and interests.
  5. -Fear of being fat distorted body image
    -Highest Mortality Rate
    White women most affected by it

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  1. psychodynamic theoriesExplain behavior and personality in terms of conscious energy dynamic within the individual


  2. Goals improve motivation when theydoing something to please others or to get a reward out of it


  3. Sigmund FreudConscious morality and social standards


  4. Carl JungUnconditional Positive regard


  5. EgoRepresents reason good sense and rational self control